Celebrated on April 25 every year, ANZAC Day originally commemorated those who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during the battle of Gallipoli, in World War I. It has now evolved into a day of remembrance for the men and women who served in their country’s military forces.

The day is tremendously significant for those affected by the war, so it’s only natural that tributes flow in leading up to the day. And as the years go by, the design folks are getting more and more creative with their illustration work, inspiring the new generations to get in on the (patriotic) action.

Here are some ANZAC Day illustrations that have been created for promotional media and marketing collaterals over the recent years.

ANZAC Day promo

ANZAC Day for FOX Classics Promo

Designer: Deep Fried Sam

In this series of promotional illustration for a local TV channel, the burnt-orange background seems to represent fire that would undoubtedly be associated with war. Yet, the silhouettes of men that stand in the foreground symbolize those who served in the army will have imperishable legacy.

Lest We Forget

Red Poppy on Scrunched Paper

Designer: KITIKI Design

The glum, worn-out feel of this design holds a powerful meaning. Red poppies have long been associated with memorial/remembrance day, due to several reasons — they were the first plants to grow on the battlefields following World War I, and the red color symbolizes the blood shed by those who fought for their country.

Poppy illustration


Designer: GardenNZ

Painting the silhouette of a man in red — similar to the color of the poppies — keeps this design simple yet effective.

ANZAC Day Tribute


Designer: Google

Even Google wants in on the action! After embellishing their name on their home page in the spirit of ANZAC Day for several years, Google unveiled this illustration on April 25, 2010.

ANZAC Day national tribute

Green and Gold Promo

Designer: NovaFM

The most simplistic design out of all, this features Australia’s national colors of green and gold and is widely used in the country to promote the day. Like other ANZAC Day promotional materials, the design features a man and a little girl symbolizing the future generations saved by men and women serving the country.

ANZAC Day — Lest We Forget

Red Poppies Against Baby Blue Background Banner

Designer: Alana Richardson

The bright, light-blue background paints hope and a future. The whimsical feel of the illustration successfully makes this appeal to the younger generations who may not be too familiar with the day’s importance.

Lest We Forget

Large Red Poppy with Lest We Forget in the Middle

Designer: One Plus One Design

A simple, symmetrical design that doesn’t rely on fancy embellishment to deliver a message. The slightly retro-feel of the design would be visually appealing to the younger generations, yet the central message of remembering the sacrifice is respectful to older generations.

Which design inspires the most patriotism in you?