For interior designers and others working in the design and decorator field, creating a memorable logo is an excellent way to establish the identity of your business. To start the process of brainstorming logo ideas, think about the impact that your work has on the lives of your clients. Designers carefully curate the most sacred space in a person’s life: their home.

In this guide, we’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks for creating the ideal interior design logo so you can feng-shui your business in the right direction.

Interior designer and decorator logos
Collage by OrangeCrush

What makes a good interior design logo?

Ideally your customers will feel confident that they are working with a designer or decorator who is going to transform their home into a haven—a place to retreat from the pressures of the outside world. With this goal in mind, a logo for this field should reflect the philosophy and aesthetic of the designer or decorator.

Do you create clean, minimalist, modern environments? Is your work focused on saturated color and other dramatic statements? Think of who you are and the results you generate, then channel that identity into the ideal logo for your business.

Amazing ideas for interior design logos

Modern interior design and decorator logos

Let’s face it: when it comes to logo design and the decor its representing, going modern is always a good idea. Modern, minimalist design offers a great amount of versatility in addition to providing lasting appeal. In the case of logos, this means crisp lines, sharp angles and sans-serif fonts. Stick to the basics and aim for neutral colors in your modern logo.

Emma Rees Design logo
Emma Rees Design logo design by Ines
Ginny Macdonald Design logo
Ginny Macdonald Design logo design by RedSoul
Studio A3 logo
Studio A3 logo design by subtropica
Hiemlich At Home logo
Hiemlich At Home logo by Visual Design

Eclectic interior design and decorator logos

It’s important for an interior designer or decorator to be well-rounded. Even if your personal style may lean a certain way, you should have the ability to be flexible and appeal to a variety of looks which your clients may request. Many successful people in the home decor field are vibrant, diverse and eclectic. Let your logo express that (think quirky graphics, vivid colors and expressive fonts). Use your logo design as an opportunity to tell clients that your work doesn’t fit into a certain box.

Spindle Design Co. logo
Spindle Design Co. logo design by LetsRockK
Marcotte’s Design Salvage logo
Marcotte’s Design Salvage logo design by Marina_V
Hipcribs London logo
Hipcribs London logo design by the dani
Roomfittery Logo
Roomfittery logo design by c h a n c e

Simple, straightforward interior design and decorator logos

There’s a universal principle which often guides both home decor and logo design: less is more. A logo for your business doesn’t need to be over the top; it can say who you are in a no-frills way. Work in elements like building or furniture silhouettes to help say who you are through minimalist, easy-to-understand shapes. Remember: your logo should say that you’re good at what you do (without going overboard).

Concept Home logo
Concept Home logo design by MonGE Designs
Jessica Today Designs logo
Jessica Today Designs logo by vaneltia
Exquisite Logo
Exquisite logo design by Roxana.I
Cozy Closing logo
Cozy Closing logo by Musique!

Luxurious interior design and decorator logos

Many decorators and interior designers have a specific target market in mind: those who enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re trying to tap into the luxury market, you’ll need a logo that’s the right kind of lavish. Think about how our culture has embraced the Versace logo: it’s an iconic, recognizable symbol accompanied by a striking font—and more often than not—it’s metallic. A logo is your time to make a statement, so be strategic and create something that the luxury market will adore (all-caps lettering and shiny things are welcome here).

Monaco Interiors logo
Monaco Interiors logo by ORANGGO
Tracy Chagnon Interiors logo
Tracy Chagnon Interiors logo design by AHGDesign
Laura Brophy Interiors logo
Laura Brophy Interiors logo design by mttech
Vivela logo
Vivela logo design by Elvin Hasanli

The fundamentals of logo design

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Venturing into logo design without any experience can be intimidating. Here, we’ll give you a crash course so you don’t have to go it alone.

Logo design is a nuanced specialization of graphic design that encompasses aesthetics, branding & marketing, composition, color theory, typography and artistic skill. We give a fuller introduction to the craft in our free online guide How to design a logo, but here we’ll go through some key points to provide an overview.

Design for your brand. There’s not one “best type of logo”—the most successful logos are the ones that best represent their brands. The aggressive red and garish typography of the Coca Cola logo suits the brand well, but those same design choices would hurt more relaxed brands like a yoga studio or massage parlor. Make the logo work for you.

handdrawn vintage bird logo
Logo design by Shimi Illust

Start off by considering what kind of brand you want to be—your “brand identity.” Are you an approachable, everyday brand or a high-end brand? Are you free-spirited or more refined? That will guide your design choices, especially the colors, shapes and letters.

Colors, shapes and letters. Each different color and shape represents different emotions—for example, logos with excessive black seem more sophisticated, logos with a lot of circles seem friendlier, etc. Likewise, that extends to font choice, such as formal serifs vs. a casual sans-serif. Every design decision reflects on your brand, so build your brand identity from the ground up with wise choices.

How to get a logo

As we explained in a previous guide, How to create a logo: Comparing the best ways to get a logo designed, a company has four main options for getting a logo. Let’s review:

  • Logo maker (DIY). You can make your own logo from scratch by utilizing a logo maker or other entry-level design software.
  • Hire a design agency. Let the others do the work for you. Hand off all logo design duties to the experts at a design agency—but the extra talent comes at an extra cost.
  • Work with a freelancer. You can find a professional freelance designer to create your logo for you.
  • Commission a design contest. In a contest, you explain what you want in a briefing, including visual preferences and business goals. Designers from near and far can submit samples based on your briefing. Then, you can pick the one you like best and start revisions. You only pay for the one sample you choose.

For starters, DIY and logo makers are only advisable under extreme circumstances, like if you have next to nothing in your budget. You logo is incredibly important and it’s best to trust it in the hands of a professional in order to ensure that it is effective.

From there, it comes down to both cost and preference. If your only concern is price, check out our Logo design cost guide for more insights.

minimalist line art interior design logo in shape of a building
Logo design by design_13

The strongest advantage of logo design contests—and the reason they’re so popular—is that this method leverages the creativity of multiple designers who come up with different ideas of logos designs you can choose from. If you’re still unsure of what style and look is right for you, a contest has the benefit of experimentation. After all, you may not know what logo design best suits you until you see what others come up with. More brain power = more brilliant ideas.

If you already know what style and look you’re going for, your best bet is going to be working directly with a freelancer. You can browse designer portfolios to find the perfect match in terms of aesthetic, then you can work with the freelancer to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you ready to get an impeccably styled decorator logo?

An interior designer or decorator logo shouldn’t just tell customers to come inside—it should encourage them to kick back, put their feet up on that gorgeous ottoman and stay a while. Interior designers and decorators create inviting spaces, and a nicely crafted logo makes the business all the more welcoming. So go ahead: find the perfect logo that lets your brand feel right at home.

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