Therapy, counseling and psychiatry are all practices which serve people who experience different types of emotional pain, vulnerability, life struggles or mental disorders. Therefore it’s important that practitioners select a logo design style that makes their target demographic feel welcome and safe. Before striking harmony with clients, you need to strike harmony in your logo design, and we’ve collected some awesome examples to inspire you!

Logos with nature imagery for a down-to-earth practice

Tree logo
Logo by Flavia²⁷⁶⁷ for UBULife Coaching.
Logo depicting brain as tree
Logo by RotRed for NeuroBloom.
Tree logo
Logo by Flavia²⁷⁶⁷ for Lauren Maher.
Logo with leaf
Logo by AlexSa for therapyjane.
Logo depicting leaf inside human head
hypnoqi logo by Milos Subotic.
Logo with two tree figures
Erin Findley, PsyD logo by Delia. for Diablo Valley Relationship Center.
Logo with plants in glass
Logo by Kate.V for Liza M. Wäcker. Psy.D., Inc.
Logo with mountain and stream
Logo by EllyFish for Anna M. Lucca, Ph.D.
Logo illustrating seasons
Logo by S.V ART for BroglieBox.
Logo with branch
Logo by ❁ T S V E T I ❁ for Maja Reinau.
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It’s no surprise that many professionals in healing practices equate peace or healing with nature. It can be said that nature uninhibited holds perfect balance and harmony, and can “bring you down to earth”. If you are a practitioner who see this connection between healing and nature, you can make good use of organic or nature based imagery in your branding. Think about implementing elements such as leaves, birds or mountains. Many of these examples also include trees which double as a metaphor for client growth and stability. If you believe in the healing powers of nature, use these logos as inspiration!

Symbolic logos that represent emotional goals

Logo with abstract lines
Logo by HeidiDaiane for Dra. Ana Clara Yamada.
Logo with two abstract circles
Logo by CChick for Dana L Moriarty, Ph.D.

While trees make a great metaphor for growth, there are many other symbolic metaphors that can be used to represent client goals. A phoenix can represent a patient “rising from the ashes”, or starting their life over in a new way. Similarly, a partially complete circle can represent “coming full circle”, or returning to “square one” with new perspectives and understandings. Use these examples to inspire some new ideas for metaphors which represents the potential goals of your clientele.

Heads or anatomy imagery to represent area of therapy

Logo with head and birds
Free Range Psychiatry logo by HeART.
Eye logo
Psychotherapeutische Praxis logo by LaceyJo for Christoph Reichl.
Logo with speech bubble inside bird head
Logo by Botja for Rachel Cortese.
Abstract brain logo
Novo logo by artsigma for NovoNeurosciences.
Logo with abstract neural networks
Logo by FF3 for Dr. Al Griskaitis.
Colorful head logo
Logo by Mky for Coaching Minds.

Sometimes when people are struggling, they need a crystal clear message to show them the way. In the logo examples above, heads and/or anatomy are implemented within logos to clearly show clients what the practice offers. Above, a mouth within a flower is used to represent speech therapy, several examples of heads are used to represent practices which work on the mind, and some abstract imagery of neural pathways are used to represent brain-work on a scientific level. What aspects of the human mind or body does your practice work on and what kinds of correlating imagery might communicate clearly to your potential client base?

Cute logo designs creating a comforting counseling environment

Logo with elephant and aardvark
Logo by Logominator for Elephants and Aardvarks Therapy Services.
Logo with tree, children and adults
Logo by agnes design for Youngsters Occupational Therapy, LLC.
Logo with playful lettering
Logo by CChick for Melbourne Kids Therapy.
Logo with dog looking through telescope
Logo by MarkoBo for Inner Space Psychological Services.
Logo with decorative circle
Logo by malaga ♥ for Jacquie Drury Counseling.

Going to therapy and talking to a stranger about your feelings can be can be a big step for many people (especially kids). That’s why the logo examples above use cute designs to ease any trepidations. For more youth-oriented counseling practices, illustrations of animals can be appealing. For practices which see all-ages, soft colors such as light pink and blue can be used to portray a comforting energy.

Initials which brand a psychiatrist’s or therapist’s personality

Logo with initials
Jacquie Drury Counseling logo by Scart-design.
Logo with initials
Logo by Lsdes for Carla Dorsey MD.

Because psychology, therapy and counseling all take place in a personal and sometimes intimate setting, many practitioners forego metaphorical imagery and simply use their initials as a way of putting their reputation up front. This approach speaks well to clients who are looking for a trusted name in the field. If you are aiming to build a brand and reputation upon your name, use these examples as inspiration!

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