The 99awards is our opportunity to honor and celebrate the best of the best on 99designs. Each year we search all corners of the platform and reach out to our creative community for their favourites to find the cream of the crop. From digital to print, illustration, typography, branding and packaging we’ve got it all! But it’s a tough job to pick the best of the best—which is why we enlisted the help of a professional jury and your votes to decide this year’s winners.

We’re now thrilled to announce that the judges have deliberated and all the votes have been counted. It’s time to see the winning designs and meet the immensely talented designers that will be taking home the pineapple trophies for the 2021 99awards!

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Best Typography Design: Mky

Don’t take yourself too seriously. A massive part of being creative consists of purely playing with shapes and colors. Allow yourself to have fun with the work you do. Never stop learning and don’t be afraid of experimenting.
- Mky

Andrea, aka Mky, is a designer and lettering artist from Romania. Over the past decade, she’s brought big brand personality and custom lettering to all kinds of 99designs clients in need of book covers, wearables, logotypes and more.

She believes that looking at the world with childlike curiosity is truly necessary when it comes to creating art, and she’s very glad to have that superpower at hand. When asked what the top three things she couldn’t live without are, Mky responded “sunshine, (loud) music and plants.” Perhaps that best explains the vibrancy of her work.

About the winning design

by Mky

Inspired by Mky’s bright color palettes, quirky letterforms and fun dimensions, the client approached Mky to create a print to brighten up their living room. The finished print is dynamic and bold, while still conveying the magic of reading a good book.

“Mky’s artwork just has so much energy!” Juror Carmi Grau exclaims, “Her use of letter shapes, illustrations and colors are perfectly balanced. It’s so lively and expressive. The lettering in particular has a good flow and, although the message is complex, it’s still easy to read.”

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Best Print Design: Zombijana Bones

Zombijana Bones
It takes years to build a habit, to trust the process and make this your dream job. Be patient.
- Zombijana Bones

Zombijana Bones, aka Andrijana Vešović, is a visual artist from Montenegro who has been drawing professionally since 2011. Her main goal in her career and in her life is to be happy.

She started gaining social media followers across her social media platforms over the past year, and has been posting about everyday problems and social responsibility ever since!

About the winning design

Zombijana Bones’ envelope elevates what is a very common piece of stationary to a design that’s made to make you smile.

In discussing the “Best Print Design” category, 99award juror Vratislav Pecka said, “The cat illustration itself stands out from the rest of the designs. I love the idea of showing the insides of the cat’s mouth and its back on the other side of the envelope. It is fun! I appreciate this level of creative thinking on this otherwise very formal medium.”

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Best Branding Design: coric design

coric design

Born and raised in Herzegovina, Damjan (aka coric design) is a self-taught graphic designer with almost a decade of experience. His brand work feels instantly authentic through his use of nostalgic typefaces, hand-drawn icons and vintage color palettes.

Currently working towards his Master’s degree in psychology, he finds much of his inspiration by studying history, music and literature. He strives to push the boundaries and limits of approaches to design in building my own style.

I believe the perfect design is something that speaks to your target audience and connects with them as strongly and deeply as possible.
- coric design

About the winning design

The branding for this Massachusetts brewing company is instantly eye-catching. As the centerpiece, the witch mascot goes from what could be a traditional witch caricature to something truly modern and badass. Playing into this almighty vision, coric design adds a clock, a raven, a broom and other supernatural elements to his design.

To tell us a little more about these three elements, he explains, “The clock’s set to 3am, which is called the witching hour. Ravens are also considered “creatures of the night”, and the broom is a classic witch symbol that we included just to make it clear that the witch is, in fact, a witch.”

by coric design

According to juror, Julia Masalska, “This is a very flexible and unique brand identity. I can see these design elements being used by themselves and also in combination, which is a sign of a solid, self-representative and unique branding concept.”

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Best Packaging Design: Agi Amri

Agi Amri
Design how you would if you were doing it for yourself.
- Agi Amri

Agi Amri, aka Agnese, spent a decade working as an architect in an office before she left to pursue her freelancing career. She describes this decision as a turning point at which she finally found creative freedom, where she could focus on much more exciting design work on a daily basis.

As a child, drawing was always Agi Amri’s passion. It was how she could express herself the most and she went on to graduate from a top art school in Riga, Latvia. Now the mom of two amazing kids, she’s also a dancer and a fitness enthusiast.

About the winning design

This client initially approached Agi Amri several years ago via a 1-to-1 Project and she’s been designing for their brand ever since. While she has created packaging for their tonics, creams, balms, body butter in the past, this particular label is their first foray into dry kit DIY tonics.

Agi Amri says, “I’ve been blessed to have a very artistically-oriented client, who had a clear vision of what she wanted to see: a vintage apothecary-style design”.

All the Edwardian ornamentation and technical illustrations were completely hand-drawn with ink on paper and that really shines through. “Attention to detail, vintage vibes and consistency with the content are the reasons for my choice,” explains juror Eros Torre. “I loved it at first sight, and it is a product that I would be proud to display on my shelf.”

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Best Digital Design: DSKY


DSKY aka Konstantin is a designer with 15 years of experience from Ukraine. He started out with logo design, but over time discovered web design. In recent years, he has become more and more interested in illustration and has slowly combined web design and illustration skills on projects like this. In fact, since joining 99designs in 2011, he’s partnered with hundreds of clients, winning more than a hundred Design Contests and working on over 500 1-to-1 Projects.

Watch, study and analyze: use critical thinking when reviewing other designer’s works to understand their chosen technique.

About the winning design

Impressed by the diversity in his portfolio, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) reached out to DSKY for a complete redesign of their site’s key pages—including refreshed colors, a new logo identity, and a fully illustrative website illustration.

DSKY’s design highlights various natural landscapes of the USA to create an incredibly captivating illustration that users can scroll down to discover.


Juror Steven Gianakouros discusses what made DSKY’s work stand out. “This is not your typical government website,” he acknowledges. “It quickly evokes a positive feeling and brings to life the mission of the brand in a unique and refreshing way.”

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Best Illustration Design: Fitriandhita

Fitriandhita is an Indonesian illustrator with a painterly aesthetic. Her approachable style, soft color palettes, and fantastical imagination have made her a perfect fit for children’s books, greeting cards, art prints and anywhere else clients are looking to push their imagination.

She’s also recently been featured on 99designs as one of the designers behind some beautiful downloadable Zoom backgrounds.

Don’t worry about how you “should” draw, just draw, find your style, enjoy the process, and always bring your own feelings into your art.
- Fitriandhita

Aside from being an illustrator, Fitriandhita likes to make macrame art. Oh, and she also loves cats… and talking to them.

About the winning design

Fitriandhita brought the client’s contest to life with her original, whimsical illustration style.

Her series of six bookmarks captures the magic of books as each of the female characters disappears into a world of fairytales. Each reverse side reveals a unique and mesmerizing mandala illustration.

bright bookmarks with magical theme
by Fitriandhita

Of her enchanting work, juror Nastya Kuliabina says, “Fitriandhita’s bookmarks play with harmonious palettes and complementary color accents that make each one feel balanced. The series has its own identity and achieves a clear communication of the ideas, emotions and feelings behind the illustrations that go beyond objective criteria.”

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Best New Top Level Designer: Letters Pray

Letters Pray
Use your free time to create stuff that’s just for you.
- Letters Pray

Andy, aka Letters Pray, is a hand lettering artist and illustrator living in Bristol, UK. With a background in the creative industry, he began his lettering journey in 2015. What began as a hobby soon developed into a pretty decent side-hustle and it’s now become his prime focus.

His shift in career happened naturally: “I got into the habit of practicing lettering every single day; on the bus in the morning, whilst eating lunch, and into each evening. I was able to do this because I loved what I was creating.

The idea of sitting and drawing was way more exciting than an evening of video games or binge-watching a series. Now that I work freelance, I try to bring that idea of creating for myself to each project I work on and I still find nothing more satisfying than creating cool letters that jump right off the page.”

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Best New Designer: Julia Cherednichenko

Julia Cherednichenko
Love what you do, get pleasure from what you create and do not stop. Go beyond what is possible.
- Julia Cherednichenko

Julia Cherednichenko is a graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine. She joined 99designs in April 2020 and caught our eye with her beautiful illustrations in a uniquely bright and graphic style.

The designer illustrates and designs for children’s books, but her real passion is for packaging design and branding.

But what exactly influences her intricate style of design? As Julia puts it, “I am inspired by people, the art of different times and nations, nature, and photography. When I create designs and illustrations, I believe that I make the world a better and more beautiful place.”

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