Creative agencies know that showcasing their designs on Behance is one of the best ways to get their work in front of potential clients. Professionals can showcase their campaign and brand strategy skills by displaying the full range of the work an agency does, including signage, digital advertising, product packaging, ad copy and web design. For that reason, the portfolios on Behance represent the best of the best.

With so many profiles, though, it can be tough to narrow things down to just a few. To help with that, we’ve chosen 12 that impress us most with their awesome brand strategy, art direction and design. Take a look at these inspiring agency profiles that demonstrate current design trends and provide stellar examples of branding in action.

1. Ramotion

Ramotion’s Kyber Network Logo
Ramotion created a 3-D effect to make Kyber Network’s logo stand out. Via Ramotion.
animated logo by ramotion
Via Ramotion.

Ramotion prides itself on being in touch with the challenges faced by businesses today. Their portfolio is a reflection of that, showcasing a blend of work with tech, healthcare and real estate clients. Ramotion has worked with some of the biggest names in business, including Adobe, Salesforce, Bitmoji and Netflix.

Ramotion’s work focuses heavily on branding and UI/UX design for the tech industry and each design stands apart from the others, matching the brand’s identity. Kyber Network wanted a rebrand, so the Ramotion team gathered information on the brand’s identity and rebuilt the team’s brand identity from scratch. The goal was to make Kyber stand out in a crowded marketplace of payment apps.

The final result: a clean and minimalistic look with fresh colors and a modern geometric logo that sets Kyber Network apart from the competition and honors Kyber’s goal to keep things simple and modern. The 3D and animated versions of the logo are the cherry on top and give the brand an incredibly up-to-date feel.

Check out Ramotion’s profile for more cutting-edge projects.

2. Tractorbeam

Design for Heritage Pizza
Tractorbeam used a retro style to capture Heritage Pizza’s branding. Via Tractorbeam.
Updated branding for The Dallas Morning News
Tractorbeam updated The Dallas Morning News’s marketing. Via Tractorbeam.

Located in Dallas, Tractorbeam provides print and digital design for a wide variety of clients, including nonprofits, restaurants and retailers.

The company has designed for well-known brands like PepsiCo and Mimi’s Café, as well as high-profile nonprofits like Whisper and the Dallas Arts District. Its profile is a reflection of the versatility of its design work.

For its Dallas Morning News campaign, Tractorbeam worked with the respected news brand to create an eye-catching campaign. The goal was to position the newspaper as the go-to news source for the area with an updated, contemporary design.

Heritage Pizza wanted the opposite approach, hoping to go retro with its menus, signage and other collateral to honor its 1950s-pizzeria style. Tractorbeam showed its amazing versatility by being able to meet both requests in a way that was true to each company’s style and branding.

Take a look at Tractorbeam’s surprising and creative portfolio here.

3. Robot Food

Robot Food branding campaign for Say Cheese project
Robot Food’s design for their SayCheese project shows that cheese packaging doesn’t have to be ordinary. Via Robot Food.

As the name implies, “food” is Robot Food’s specialty—along with anything that needs an exciting label or outstanding packaging. Their profile is stocked with designs that make products pop on grocery store shelves. Whether it’s cereal, protein bars, or beer, Robot Food shows just how creative packaging can be. The team incorporates colors, images and fonts that take every design to the next level.

It can be tough to shake up the overcrowded and rather boring cheese marketplace, but Robot Food did just that with its SayCheese brand design for their Project Disrupt. Instead of the standard muted tones normally seen with cheese branding, Robot Foods chose bold typography and imagery along with bright colors like red, green and purple. That’s how you make cheese stand out rather than blend in.

Discover more cool packaging and label designs in Robot Food’s portfolio.

4. Bolder Creative

Bolder Creative’s design for Madness
Bolder Creative created the animated backgrounds for this Madness video production. Via Bolder Creative.
Bolder Creative’s take on the Coca-Cola campaign
Bolder Creative’s Coca-Cola design is an example of the energy the firm brings to its designs. Via Bolder Creative.

It’s clear at a glance that this UK-based design firm specializes in design that simulates energy and movement. Working with big brands like Nike and Virgin Atlantic, Bolder Creative has imaginative designs that inspire. You get a sense, looking through their portfolio, that the designers at Bolder Creative never stop moving.

One notable campaign from their portfolio is a promo and TV campaign for English ska band Madness. Video of the band was combined with animated images, with Bolder Creative producing all of the background animations in-house.

But one of the best illustrations of Bolder Creative’s unique style is in its design for Coca Cola. Along with other brands, they were asked to create a design to imagine the next 100 years of the brand. What the design firm came up with was not only creative, but it embodied the energy seen in the rest of its work.

Check out Bolder Creative’s portfolio for more outstanding commercials, motion graphics and visual campaigns.

5. Sid Lee

Sid Lee’s campaign for The North Face Europe
The North Face Europe’s campaign, designed by Sid Lee. Via Sid Lee.

Sid Lee is a global firm, focusing on brands in Europe and North America. The firm’s designs convey a sense of travel and adventure, from its sporty campaigns for the National Bank’s sponsorship of the Rogers Cup to its ad campaign for Volcan De Mi Tierra tequila. Their portfolio is a collection of fun, exciting designs that showcase Sid Lee’s international clientele.

Sid Lee’s design for Insoapropriate
Sid Lee created a visually-appealing campaign for Insoapropriate soaps. Via Sid Lee.

When The North Face Europe needed a digital campaign for The Steep Series, it called on Sid Lee, which created the eye-catching campaign above. The product pages highlighted the unique features of the company’s new activewear collection.

Sid Lee’s design team brought that same sense of adventure to its campaign for Insoapropriate, a collection of inappropriate soaps. The design put the product front and center while also honoring its brand image.

Take a look at Sid Lee’s adventurous portfolio here.

6. Struck

Struck’s redesign of JouJou
Struck’s redesign of JouJou created a fun environment for children of all ages. Via Struck.

Struck’s clientele is US-based, with clients that include Universal Studios Hollywood, Jack in the Box and The brand operates out of three separate locations to better be able to personalize its interactions with its clients. One look at their portfolio shows Struck’s emphasis on the people who are the heart of each business’s customer base.

kids tshirt designs for joujou
Merchandise design for JouJou designed by Struck.

One highlight of Struck’s portfolio is the project the company did for JouJou, a toy store at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

Struck was challenged with bringing the store to life for its reopening and the team delivered, creating an environment that’s a whimsical escape for children of all ages. Struck also designed merchandise and packaging, along with toys and books original to JouJou.

Find more projects that put people first in Struck’s portfolio.

7. Oddfellows

Oddfellows’ video for Adobe Live
Oddfellows went with an artist’s inspiration for its Adobe live video. Via Oddfellows.
Oddfellows’ animations for Asana
Oddfellows illustrated the fun of using Asana. Via Oddfellows.

Oddfellows chooses its clients carefully, partnering with brands that have big ideas. The design firm’s portfolio is filled with colorful animations that jump off the page. It shows in each of the team’s designs, which have that special human touch that sets its clients apart from competitors.

With its campaign for Adobe Live, Oddfellows went with a video that showed an artist’s inspiration as a dull pencil turns into a powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy. For its campaign for Asana, Oddfellows sought to show that planning can be more than simple spreadsheets. It did so through an explainer video that used bright colors to capture each viewer’s attention.

Check out Oddfellows’ portfolio for more outstanding animations.

8. Shorthand

product packaging for Tender
Via Shorthand.
Shorthand’s logo for Stay Salty
Shorthand developed a logo for Stay Salty that could work across multiple media. Via Shorthand.
Shorthand’s design for Tender
Shorthand’s packaging design brought class to Tender’s products. Via Shorthand.

This Australian design firm brings class and elegance to its designs, with its name representing its commitment to “distilling the essence of a brand and expressing it visually.” The firm maintains a small client base to be able to deliver personalized attention to each project. Shorthand works with clients in the health, automotive, nonprofit, hospitality and retail sectors, as well as governments, startups, festivals and events.

Standouts in Shorthand’s portfolio include a fun, expressive logo for Stay Salty, a surf lifestyle blog and label. The logo needed to be usable across a variety of media, including on T-shirts, vehicles and surfboards. A similar consistency was necessary for Shorthand’s project for Tender, a popular Australian cosmetics brand. The mosaic pattern on an eye-catching bronze background worked well for all of the company’s products, from facial moisturizer to tweezers and nail clippers—and gave them a clean, modern and high-end yet approachable look.

Take a look at Shorthand’s creative portfolio here.

9. Willoughby Designs


holiday tags by willoughby
Via Willoughby.
Willoughby’s line of punch cards
Willoughby designed punch cards that matched its festive line of greeting cards. Via Willoughby.
Willoughby’s Panera campaign signage
Willoughby helped Panera promote its new menu items with this signage. Via Willoughby.

With a long list of well-known clients, Willoughby’s reputation as a top brand speaks for itself. Clients span the full spectrum, including retailers, restaurants and technology companies. The design firm’s portfolio shows a heavy emphasis on the food and beverage space, with clients including Panera Bread and Tequila Rose, in addition to the many food and beverage brands mentioned on its website, including Hershey’s and Hostess. Willoughby has also done extensive work for the greeting card industry, working with top names like Hallmark.

Perfectly illustrating Willoughby’s expertise in the greeting card space are the punch tags the firm designed for gift-giving. These cards can be attached to any bottle and are both festive and beautifully designed. They also match the other cards Willoughby designed for the project. Those designs contrast with the light, summer-y signage that was part of Panera’s campaign to advertise new menu additions. Willoughby managed to keep the food at the forefront of each promotional item while also getting the message across.

Check out more delightful projects from Willoughby’s portfolio.

10. Freytag Anderson

Founded by two Scottish designers, Freytag Anderson creates award-winning work for a wide range of brands, from retailers to beverage businesses to fashion companies. The firm’s portfolio is a showcase of its understated elegance, including beverage labels, skincare packaging and a graphic design festival.

Freytag Anderson’s logo for Discover Truenorth
Freytag Anderson shows its award-winning skills with this logo for Discover Truenorth. Via Freytag Anderson.

One of the many standouts in Freytag Anderson’s portfolio is the branding for travel brand Discover Truenorth. The logo is designed in the shape of a compass and the whole brand identity has a minimal yet bold feel to it. Freytag Anderson’s goal was to evoke a sense of calm and discovery with the brand design in order to remain true to Discover Truenorth’s identity.

Take a look at more bold projects from Freytag Anderson’s portfolio. 

11. Pete&Tom

Hestons fantastical foods video
Via PeteTom
Pete&Tom’s design for MTV BASE
Pete&Tom developed these graphics for MTV BASE’s Super Base Beats. Via Pete&Tom.
Pete&Tom’s design for Betty TV
Betty TV requested Pete&Tom’s design talents for this project. Via Pete&Tom.

Pete&Tom distinguishes itself as lighthearted and fun with their portfolio, which is jam-packed with color and whimsy. The London-based design firm has worked with a wide range of media brands, including the BBC and Channel 4. This style is perfect for brands trying to attract a younger demographic or anyone who’s young at heart.

A great example of this youthful approach comes with the campaign Pete&Tom did for MTV BASE. The goal was to showcase Super Base Beats, which was a new playlist of hip-hop, urban and R&B music videos. Another standout is Pete&Tom’s project for Betty TV to bring culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal’s imaginings to life. The bright colors and fun fonts make it an instant classic.

Check out their bright and fun portfolio here.

12. SocioFabrica

nespresso spring campaign landing page
Via Socio Fabrica
Socio Fabrica’s campaign for Nespresso
Socio Fabrica showed off its winning photography with this campaign for Nespresso. Via Socio Fabrica.
Socio Fabrica’s logo for Catalina Labs
Socio Fabrica created this tech-themed logo for Catalina Labs. Via Socio Fabrica.

San Francisco-based Socio Fabrica specializes in strategy, design and technology implementation. The firm’s portfolio illustrates its synergy with the tech industry, with plenty of apps and dashboards. But Socio Fabrica also handles graphic design for its many tech clients, including Nicho App and Catalina Labs.

One standout in Socio Fabrica’s portfolio is its spring promotional digital campaign for Nespresso. The goal was to use imagery to create a relatable aesthetic that could help customers picture a Nespresso machine in their own homes. Socio Fabrica provided a combination of art direction, social media, photography and digital branding for the project.

The design firm’s tech inspiration is evident in the light and modern branding the team created for Catalina Labs, which was a simple, yet eye-catching design that perfectly communicated the tech company’s image.

See more outstanding campaigns from Socio Fabrica here.

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