Infusing beautiful typography into your design is the one of the most effective ways to communicate as a brand. That’s why keeping up with the latest font trends is absolutely essential.

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Creative fonts can not only carry your message, but they also make a visual impact and evoke emotion. Typography can express joy or fear, loud or quiet. Or it can make you laugh, cringe, gasp—and everything in between.

Let’s take a look at the latest font trends in 2019, so you can use them in your own designs.

9 font trends that will be huge in 2019

1. Extra-loud bold fonts
2. Minimal sans serif fonts
3. Nostalgic vintage fonts
4. Evolving script fonts
5. Outline fonts
6. High-contrast serif fonts
7. Quirky fonts
8. Messy fonts
9. Unique hand-lettering

1. Extra-loud bold fonts

In 2019, extra-loud, dramatic, bold fonts will continue to grow in popularity with designers looking to leave an impression. These typographic superheroes dominate designs as the main design element and are an obvious choice if you want your message to scream and shout.

Bold fonts make your logo pop on whatever you put it on. Posters and flyers will be visible from afar. And your website will be packed with a ton of personality.

Van Holtz Co. website
Beautiful website using a bold and loud font. Via Van Holtz Co.
Bettershore branding
Perfect example of a bold font used for branding by I n f r .
Baboon branding
Bold and cheeky identity. Via Sagmeister & Walsh.
A Girl and Her Gun movie poster
Great use of bold font on a poster design by jestyr37
Book cover design by by hortasar

2. Minimal sans serif fonts

Meet the introverted siblings of bold typography: simple sans serif fonts (that’s fonts without serifs, the little feet on the corner of each letter), which will continue to be a huge favorite for minimalistic designs in 2019. Thanks to their simplicity, these fonts are incredibly easy to work with. They’re not visually demanding and are very powerful when used well.

Simple sans serifs make compositions look airy and soft with a sense of calm and tranquility. Give them room to breathe and the space they need or you risk taking away their charm.

Libratone web design
Outstanding example of a clean yet so powerful website. Via Libratone.
Beisik Packaging
Beautiful example of a simple sans serif font used in package design by Stan Kurkula
Young Nation design
Beautiful example of a logo design that uses a sans serif font by Ian Douglas
Trigo branding
Such a pretty design using only a simple sans serif. Via Un Barco.
Storey posters
Perfect and vibrant example of giving the elements room to breathe. Via DixonBaxi.

3. Nostalgic vintage fonts

The more we dive into the future, the more appealing the past gets. That’s true of fashion, interior design, and yes, graphic design. So, it’s no surprise that in 2019 we’ll see lots of fonts that are imitating and trying to recapture the past.

Using a vintage font can make a logo or package design look elegant and serious. Or bold, yet nostalgic and intricate. If you want to bring a classic touch to the modern world, this style is definitely for you.

Caniste Victorian font family
Awesome font family with that combined the modern with the vintage. Via Ilham Herry.
Archival wine Victorian Era packaging
Such a detailed and beautiful example of a vintage font in action by Sign²in
Diggles Artisan Ales logo
Awesome vintage logo by GOOSEBUMPS
Vertiex bow ties logo
Another beautiful logo and package design by Dusan Klepic DK™
Celestial Victorian typeface
Great typeface inspired by the Victorian era. Via Ramandhani nugraha.

4. Evolving script fonts

Script typefaces will never be outdated. They imitate the fluidity of handwriting and are built on the elegant letterforms of calligraphers. However, script fonts have evolved a lot and in 2019 they’ll come in many different shapes and styles. They can be classic or quirky, serious or playful, monoline or varied weight. When it comes to scrips fonts, anything goes this year. No matter which style you choose, the visual result is going to be filled with a sense of wonder.

Choice Maple Nott family Farm
Elegant yet whimsical font used in a logo design by Yokaona
giulia wine logo
Beautiful example of a classical, varied weight script font by Christian Bjurinder
Wonderhand font family overview
Gorgeous monoline script font family design. Via Martina Flor.
We Are Travellers typeface
Modern logo using a monoline script font by :: scott ::
Lale bohemian elegance
Great example of a more modern varied weight script. Via Menta .

5. Outline fonts

Whether you’re looking to pump up your header, highlight some copy or make a composition feel airy, outline fonts have you covered and they will be popping up everywhere this year. Their modern, industrial look makes brands look cutting-edge and mature. Look for them in all sorts of different shapes and sizes: big or small, regular or bold, condensed or italic, rustic and handmade or sleek and sharp.

Backgroads Brewing Co. website
Logo using an outlined font by Peach Paper & Design
Sparq personal training logo
Perfect example of an outlined font in use for logo design by goopanic
Viita watch design
Bold and eye-catching website. Via Viita Titan.
Elegant outline font. Via Pixelo Designer’s Website and Vladimir Fedotov.
Made for Florida beer cans
Such a beautiful package design that uses outlined fonts. Via Viita Titan and Marc Berenguer

6. High-contrast serif fonts

High-contrast serifs are loud, yet elegant and in 2019 they will be everywhere. You’ll recognize their extremely contrasting weights: the upstroke of a letter is usually thinner than the downstroke, and these fonts exaggerate this difference, creating a dramatic effect.

This contrast makes them very bold, kind of raw, with an element of “fancy.” When you use this typography style, you’ll easily class up your design.

Aviva website
Bold, clean and elegant high contrast font. Via Aviva.
roots Potato Chips logo
Beautiful and bold example of a logo design using a high contrast serif font by Spoon Lancer
Light Flourer logo
Elegant and feminine logo by nnorth
Bloemen Zeep box design
Clean and classy yet such a bold example of high contrast fonts in use. Via studio de Ronners.
High contrast font
Perfect example of a beautiful high contrast font. Via Future Fonts.

7. Quirky fonts

Look for more playful typography in 2019 that’s rough, clumsy, but still charming. People are attracted to quirky imagery that is uneven, unexpected and even funny because it offers them a break from the sleekness and heaviness that surrounds them.

Quirky fonts are easy-going and are perfect for materials that are meant to put a smile on your audience’s face. Check out these examples that turn print and digital messaging into a fresh and joyous experience.

Catch Feels font
Joyful and bright font. Via Free Stock.
Boobi Butter logo
Lovely logo design using a quirky and playful font by Mky
Collection book cover
Playful book cover using a font with inverted weights by jestyr37
Sidetracked beer design
Great use of a fun and quirky font for a beer label design by Wintrygrey
Dont worry bee happy card
Such a lovable and fun font. Via Amit Jakhu.

8. Messy fonts

Bold, serif and script fonts all have messy counterparts and can be used as basis for the rough and messy font trend. They abandon what’s “pretty” as we know it, and create a new form of beauty—one that doesn’t care.

Expect to see a lot more of these effortless and underground fonts with a punk attitude that’s cool without even trying. If you feel like you need to break out from the ordinary—and if you can handle the mess—these are for you.

Crazy Town blocky logo
Blocky and rough, linocut inspired font. Via Nika Nekrasova and Lukyan Turetsky.
Meet Meredith book cover
Messy and kind of sinister font beautifully used on a book cover by jestyr37
Being Brave book cover
Messy brush font on pretty book cover by Meella
Paraguas Cafe logo
Cool logo that uses a messy and effortless font by Sava Stoic
Crush tropical logo
Beautiful yet very messy and font. Via Sam Parrett.

9. Unique hand-lettering

We’ve talked so much about actual fonts, but let’s not forget that hand-lettering is getting increasingly popular as well. Custom-made typography is charming, unique and special, and more and more brands are realizing it, making 2019 the year of unique and distinctive fonts.

Hand-lettering can do anything. Any shape and size. Any style. But most importantly, you’ll always get something one-of-a-kind, which adds a huge amount of personality to your brand or product.

Whiskey Ice Cream whimsical font
Such a whimsical hand lettered design by allthestarsunder
Hand lettered book interior
Fully hand lettered and fun book interior by Mky
Playful lettering
Dynamic and playful lettering piece by Mky
Its Varro Impossible Images logo
Super sleek hand lettered logotype by Dalibass
Spring Mind milk packaging
Such a fun and unique lettering style by Martis Lupus

Typography in 2019: The year of “anything is possible”

Typography in 2019 is making creatives all over the world push the boundaries, create and reinvent! Expect to see a little bit of everything in this year’s font trends—from subtle to bold, handwritten to digital, elegant to messy (and everything in between). And it all exists in perfect typographic harmony.