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We have been designing for over 15 years.

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"I'm very pleased with my logo, and I appreciate the care and consideration with which Lou took all of my suggestions. I'm certain he'll do every bit as well with your project."
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"East Side Designs.biz took the time to ask for my needs. They made sure to study my case, the kind of market I'm in and the kind of special needs I have. Communication was key. More than just sending feedback of what you like and you don't like to the ..."
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"When i run the contests i received lots of submitted designs . But it is not fulfill my needs .After that i received Eastsidedesign and i became thrilled ! It is fantastic design . I am very happy with this design .Thank you EastSideDesign ."
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"EastSideDesigns was AWESOME! Great communication, super flexibility and a deep understanding of design. Really, it's that last one that set this designer far and above the rest. Every line, curve and color had a reason for being there and the designer s..."
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