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Evgeny is a highly professional and thorough designer, he presented us with just a few designs to start and we had a hard time choosing just one. Once we chose a direction with one of the designs, he worked quickly and patiently with us to keep making the necessary adjustments until we were 100% satisfied.
I cannot stress enough that it's important to have a designer like Evgeny that is willing to take direction, give direction when needed, and is kind and professional during the whole process.
Consider this before choosing a designer!
Not all designers are created equal in the contest, make sure you get to know each designer before you proceed too far with them. Even if you like a specific design from a designer that won't take feedback, won't respond, or isn't patient, it's not worth working with them or taking the risk of not getting what you want in the end.
If you are in the process of a contest and are looking to contact designers to invite them, INVITE E.T. !!!! You won't regret it.


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