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Brews, Babes and Rock: The only things that matter

RocknBrews precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

Um vencedor foi selecionado entre 179 designs enviados por 45 designers freelancers.


Como RocknBrews começou a jornada do(a) camisa

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Rock and Brews Restaurant (

Visão geral

We are a Los Angeles based restaurant company that recently launched a Rock and Roll themed beer garden in downtown LA.

The founders of RockandBrews LA, our flagship location, drew on decades of experience in the concert business to create an elegantly simple, yet revolutionary restaurant concept: Make people feel like they're relaxing backstage, play good music, and serve good food.


Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

Our customers are hardworking people who come out of the classroom, construction yard, little league field or office and want to unwind. They come with their kids, their husbands, wives, dates, family to get beer, pizza and music with a smile.

14 to 60 year olds who listen to rock music like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews Band, The Rolling Stones,Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett, KISS, read rolling stone magazine, watch sports and enjoy eating good food and drinking good beers.

RockandBrews is a casual unpretentious space where customers sit in open patio style where customer's sit surrounded by larger than life rock n' roll artwork and photos.


We are looking for concepts to finished design submissions for a line of merchandise that we will sell at our restaurant and have our staff of good looking people wear while they serve you beer and pizza.

It must be impactful and bold and original.

Here are some specific things we like:

The Rolling Stone magazine logo typography (attached) along with the red and white color scheme

Classic, Springsteen and Gibson inspired guitars images

Images of a crowd going wild at a concert. Think girls fainting for the Beatles or fans chanting for an encore.

The classic concert t-shirt with show dates and the one you bought to say "I Was There"

Other themes and concepts to incorporate:

Hot girls, tattoos, beers, beer mugs, instruments, famous lyrics, tour buses, stadiums, going on tour.

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