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Design needed for back of Berkeley Ironworks t-shirt

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Berkeley Ironworks

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Berkeley Ironworks is one of the largest Touchstone gyms and boasts incredible climbing terrain along with a varied assortment of additional offerings. You will find hundreds of routes and boulder problems as well as dozens of group classes each week in yoga, performance cycling, core strengthening, cardio kick-boxing, and much more. There is also a multitude of cardio equipment along with weight machines and free weights.

Another way to put it is that were are not your average fitness gym. Located in an old foundry, the gym's unique ambiance reflects our diverse membership base.

Here is a link to our website:

Here is a link to more photo of our gym:…orks/Tour/

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We currently have a gym t-shirt, but it has been around for a while and is getting a little old. We are looking for something fresh.

People who buy the shirt love our gym! Most of our members tend you be younger - college students and young professionals.


We are looking for a design for the back of the shirt. Wrapping around the sides is okay as well.

The front of the t-shirt will have our gym logo and the sleeve will have the logo of the parent company - but you guys don't need to worry about that since we are only looking for a design to go on the back.

It is important that the design on the back not look like our logo! Obviously, you can take a theme or element from our logo, but we would like there to be no confusion about which is our logo and which is the design.

I have attached the logo to give you guys a reference point.

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