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Design a really cool NEW bicycle jersey to benefit a Non Profit

Bicycle Colorado precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

Um vencedor foi selecionado entre 49 designs enviados por 16 designers freelancers.


Como Bicycle Colorado começou a jornada do(a) camisa

Nome da empresa

Bicycle Colorado, webside:

Visão geral

Bicycle Colorado is the nonprofit organization dedicated to building a bicycle-friendly Colorado.

We are supported by thousands of members who realize that we need to work together to protect the rights of bicyclists – or risk losing them. We work for more bike lanes and paths, better education and trails, and bicycle-friendly laws. Our efforts are primarily focused at the state and regional level since that’s where so many of the policy decisions that affect bicyclists are made.


Some of our recent successes include:

*Ending the State Patrol's damaging cap on bicycling events
*Gaining hundreds of miles of new shoulders for bicycling on state roads
*Changing the law to allow bicyclists to ride side-by-side when safe
*Securing $8.9 million for Colorado communities to develop bicycle routes to schools
*Ending the bicycle ban on the Central City Parkway
*Ensuring mountain biker representation in the planning and preservation of open space lands
*Ending the ban on racing events in northern Colorado
*Changing the law to allow bicyclists to signal right turns with the right hand & ending the law that required bicyclists to dismount in a crosswalk
*Protecting and improving important mountain bike trails
*Gaining 24 hour access for bicycles on light rail trains

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

Our target audience for the jersey is bicyclist. The jersey will be a lycra type jersey, so it will appeal more to road and mountain cyclist. We've done two jerseys so far, and here is link to them:

I also attached templates and our 2009 jersey below as an example.


We're looking for a cool, catchy design that appeal to cyclist. We'd prefer if the colors chosen are visible, as road cyclist may use them when cycling on the road. Otherwise, use your imagination and come up with something really cool!

This page are templates you can use:…review=yes

Design proposals must be submitted in ai, pdf, or eps format.

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