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MMA Style T-Shirt

jdmicro precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

Um vencedor foi selecionado entre 144 designs enviados por 39 designers freelancers.


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Travelling Hitmen

Visão geral

We are a start up t-shirt company that is looking for a fresh new design for a new t-shirt and hoodie. We have been selling T's for several months now.

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

Our audience is young adults. Our main audience is males aged 16 - 32. They are UFC (MMA) fans and like that genre of clothing style.

We may expand into female designs later.

This design could lead to a personal relationship with designer to work on all future designs (if payment can be arranged via paypal personally).


The t-shirt logo must be in the genre similar to the UFC (MMA) style of clothing and design. We are aiming for t-shirt styles similar to Silver Star and Affliction (you might want to search those companies to see their style of t-shirts). It will portray a hard core, powerful, fighting type of image.

The design must contain our name: "Travelling Hitmen." Looking for a unique font style, like celtic, old school type of font. I love this type of font:

also love these styles:

Want to see a skull in the design and a gun (possibly integrated into the text - upside down glock, etc. - like in Sopranos). Black and white will be suitable for printing on t-shirts. Will consider elements of colour (max 3 colour). Will be printed on black and white t-shirts only.

Please see our current designs attached. New design must match style.

Love the look of this:
Other possibilities that may be integrated into the design:

-Cross, other religious icons (ie. Mary - example:

-Scottish Lion

-Other similar types of imagery

Design must be print ready and in AI format (black and white shirt styles).

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