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925NEVER Racing Concepts

925NEVER precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

Um vencedor foi selecionado entre 41 designs enviados por 13 designers freelancers.


Como 925NEVER começou a jornada do(a) camisa


This contest may involve multiple winners. We are beginning a racing divisions of an apparel company we already have up and running ( and we need fresh souther rock, shine inspired designs to sell in the racing circuit.

Nome da empresa

925NEVER Racing (we can get our pre-existing surf log to you if you want to use it as a base)

O que te inspira e como você imagina o design para seu negócio?

there are several people are using - for info email me and i'll give you a couple more specific ideas.

Desired Color Scheme:
we'd prefer but are not limited to: black, silver, greys, reds, and blues.

Desired Style:
also a good reference can be provided by emailing me - as i have some jpgs of older designs that always appealed to me. Please see the above information - if you have any additional concerns please contact Ryan Zappone at

Accepted File Formats:
ai, eps

925NEVER Racing is currently looking for graphic designers across the country to compete in a several tee-shirt design concepts. The winners of any design chosen by 925NEVER Racing will be paid per design chosen. We are looking for thematic shirts that embrace the roots of auto racing especially runnin shine, chasing loose women, scars, glory and southern rock. This work will need to be done in a vector art format (.ai or .eps preferably). We would advise using racing/souther rock colors (black base, red, blue, silver etc.). If you would like a copy in vector format of our pre-existing log to base your design off of please email to request the logo.

We are looking to pick roughly 6-10 designs and have a couple rough concepts as well but would like to see what you guys come up with first.

again any questions write or call him at 858.336.8393


Ryan Zappone
925NEVER Racing

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