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PrairieFest Volunteers - We Sweat the Small Stuff!

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Como Kvest começou a jornada do(a) camisa

Nome da empresa

Oswegoland Park District

Visão geral

Our recreation agency, the Oswegoland Park District plans community events, activities and programs for the surrounding community. We celebrate Father's Day weekend with a four day festival called PrairieFest. There is a carnival, great food, children's entertainers, a parade, a 5k race, fishing derby, and bands like Blue Oyster Cult and Sister Hazel. The entire community spends the weekend together having fun. We have an army of volunteers, teens, seniors, parents, families, and more who do everything from pick up to park the cars. Each volunteer gets a t-shirt. We want them to be the coolest shirts around for the greatest people we know!

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

These shirts are worn by movers and shakers of all ages, both men and women. Our youngest volunteers are 8 year olds directing runners on the race course with their mom and dad, and our oldest volunteers are retired teachers greeting festival goers at our welcome gates.


Volunteer shirts this year are bright lime green. We can incorporate 3-4 colors. We will keep design for a couple of years and switch up colors each year.

We need to have
-our PrairieFest festival logo
- the year 2011
-our volunteer tag line, We Sweat the Small Stuff
-the word "volunteer" designating them as help to the public.

In the past we have had a full back and front left crest. We are open to however this information can be best displayed.

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