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Scouts Canada needs a modern t-shirt and hoodie design!

Alan M. precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

Um vencedor foi selecionado entre 130 designs enviados por 23 designers freelancers.


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Scouts Canada

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Scouts Canada, a not for profit organization, is the country’s leading youth organization offering challenging programs for boys and girls ages 5 – 26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada. Over 74,000 young people enjoy Scout Canada’s programs, which are provided by 23,000 caring and dedicated volunteers. We offer programs for seven distinct groups:

• Beavers – Boys and Girls 5-7
• Cubs- Boys and Girls 8-10
• Scouts – Boys and Girls 11-14
• Venturers -Young Men and Women 14-17
• Rovers - Men and Women 18-26
• Scouts About – Girls and Boys 5-10
• Extreme Adventure – Young Men and Women 14- 17

In 2009 we brought forth an aggressive Action Plan to grow our membership. For more background information on our programs and our Action Plan please visit our website at We are looking to replace our current t- shirt design which has been in place for the last 7 years with a dynamic, fun and modern design. We'll introduce a hoodie as well.

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

This uniform item will be purchased and worn by both male and female members between the ages of 11 – 26. We want a youthful design that is attractive to our younger members and represents our organization.It will be printed on the t-shirts shown in photo 34311.jpg replacing the text. Our members will wear a neckerchief (39187-197 copy.jpg) with the t-shirt and some will also wear a vest (40540.jpg). See attached pictures. The design will not be printed on those items. We intend to produce a hoodie with the same design as well.

Please visit to view more of our current designs. We feel we need something radically different.... fresh, bold, exciting.

The UK Scouts have recently launched the i.SCOUT line of activity wear, for reference please visit (We like the UK font too.)


The same design would need to be applied onto three different colored t-shirts and hoodies. The short sleeve t-shirts that we have selected are from AAA (Alstyle Apparel and Activewear, website and the colors are as follows:

• 2289 Harbor Blue
• 2290 Cardinal Red
• 013 Charcoal

The designs would be screen printed.
We are prepared to look at designs that incorporate more than one colour.
The design location should be limited to the front of the t-shirt.
We would like to see a cutting edge design. It should in some way incorporate a fleur-de-lis, maple leaf and the brand name Scouts Canada, but they certainly do not need to be dominant. Be creative and imagine yourself as a Scout participating in adventurous programs that contribute to personal growth. The design needs to reflect adventure, discovery, and youthful energy.

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