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SMASH INJUSTICE -shirt design- help end human trafficking

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Smash Injustice

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Last year we raised enough money to help free 7 people from slavery / forced labor through IJM (International Justice Mission - This year we would like to do even more and are in need of an excellent design to help with branding and revenue from shirt sales.

We have a large youth group that is passionate about taking action on the injustices of our world.

We are excited to see some fresh ideas from this design community that will be a mutual benefit to the designer and to our cause!

Our event, Smash Injustice, will include several activities, an award winning band - The Fundamental Elements, and a car bash (the dual meaning of the "Smash.") All of the proceeds from each activity as well as food also get donated to the cause.

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

Teens and college students from Lawrence, KS. Despite the stereotypes of Kansas, Lawrence is a more liberal and cultural city than most might expect in the Mid-West. We are less than 20 minutes from Kansas City.

A team of fashion conscious teens and college students will be selecting the winning design.

The winning design will have the words "smash injustice" somehow incorporated into the full shirt design. We would prefer not to have a small logo in the corner type of shirt. Rather, we are looking for design that one might find on a trendy t-shirt that one might purchase at the mall.

Also, we're interested in showing our faith in our actions. That means, we don't want a "preachy" shirt. It should be something anyone who supports standing up for others would like.

There are more specifics below, but you're the designer - do your thing!


Trendy / Edgy design that will be attractive to teens and college students.

Please exclude:
Christian references, icons and scripture
IJM in name or logo
Clip art kinds of design
humor - we love it, but it's not what we're going for here
car icon or illustration - we want the focus to be on the injustice not the car

Please include:
-Design that does not require wrap around printing
-single or multi color ok

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