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T-shirt & Logo needed for Rock Climbing Competition Series

Jeffery precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

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Touchstone Bouldering Series 6 (TBS6)

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We own 5 indoor rock climbing gyms in the San Francisco Bay Area. We run a series of climbing competitions that are free to our members. These competitions are held on a Friday night, once a month and once at each of the five locations. In August we will start the sixth season of the Touchstone Bouldering Series, also know as the TBS. We currently are finishing up our 4th season of Touchstone Roped Series, the TRS.

Bouldering is like rock climbing but without ropes. It is done close to the ground so does not need the safety equipment that roped climbing needs. Thus designs with rock climbing equipment in them will not be appropriate for this contest.

Here is the website for the 2009 season:

Here are photos from many of our past comps.…petitions/

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

These t-shirts will be given out free to participants. We give out about a thousand of these. Participants range from age 7 to 70, both male and female. They are (obviously) rock climbers so they are athletic and very fitness minded.


We are looking for a t-shirt with a logo on the front and a larger design on the back. The logo on the front will be used on the website and the design on the back may also be used on the competition program. In the past we have loved designs that incorporated each individual gym logo. You can find .ai files of each of our 5 gym logos and the corporate logo here:

The dates for the comps are:
August 28th: Berkeley Ironworks
Sept: 17th: Sacramento Pipeworks
Oct. 22nd: Great Western Power Co. (G.W.P.C.): Oakland
Nov 12th: Diablo Rock Gym: Concord
Dec 3rd: Mission Cliffs: San Francisco

Designs must be no more than 3 colors, as they will be printed on t-shirts, and must be in print file format - .ai

Here is a link to the contest we held for the TRS4.…ries-28665

Here are some ideas of what we've done in the past:…s/tbs5.jpg…s/tbs4.jpg…s/tbs3.jpg…s/tbs2.jpg…cs/tbs.jpg…cs/trs.jpg…s/trs2.jpg…s/trs3.jpg

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