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Vermont Tourist tee shirt

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Vermont Clothing Company

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JC Image and Vermont Clothing Company have been printing and embroidering apparel for the resort tourist market for over 19 years. Our primary market is Vermont, however we sell to upstate NY, NH ME and rural Mass. We are also one of the greenest manufacturing companies in the textile decorating apparel. 100% of our factory's electricity comes from Cow Power, a methane digester fueled by Vermont cow manure.

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Typical tourist that visit the area want to bring back home an item of Vermont (or similar). Vermont's known for it's natural beauty: Green Mountains, Holstein Cows, Evergreen Tree's, Sugar Maple Tree and Moose. The typical buyer is female 35+, HOWEVER they are buying for children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, friends and everyone in between.


I will require either a screen printed or embroidered vectorized art. Prefer .ai or .eps. Screenprint should be 1-4 spot colors. Embroidery should be no more than 6 colors. Each design should have the words VERMONT and most likely the second tag line Green Mountains. Design should incorporate one of the above icons, however, occasionally the properly crafted text can work. #1 factor of designs: Color! Complimenting tones from the garment color are of paramount importance. Not interested in white tee shirts. Generally earth tones are best. Rainbow tye dye can work too. I will try to upload some past examples of my better work. Good luck and thanks in advance. Any questions-directions, email me. Any superstars could receive contract for entire line.

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