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Village People T shirt

maypop precisava de um novo design de camisa e criou um concurso na 99designs.

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It takes a Village. Auburn, Alabama

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I am the gallery owner of The Villager - an art gallery specializing in affordable art and design. I am active in my community and would like a women's t-shirt design that ties the community, the university (auburn university) and our gallery (the villager) together. Our town is known as the loviest village on the plains. Our employees are called The Village People. Our gallery is called The Villager.

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Desired target market is early 30's female that lives and works in Auburn, Alabama.
example: 32 year old female that works at the chamber of commerce, the university, or the hospital. She shops at The Villager for creative gifts, is very involved in charity events, active in city planning, is an event planner, supports the high school and university football teams, donates time and money to the humane society, philanthropy boards, and works full time.


The t-shirt needs to say:

It takes a village
Auburn, Alabama

The graphics just need to conview in imagery the combination of the community, the university, and the creative flair of our art gallery.

The community is Auburn, Alabama - a small southern town
The university is Auburn University - please don't use logo's - you can use school colors if you like (orange 172 and blue 289c)

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