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Visão geral is the industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay™ escrow service and our award-winning Web application. has a global network of over 25,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and currently serves more than 107,220 users online. Over 69,662 MP3 voice-over demos are listened to by 1,159,901 unique visitors, creating 6911 job opportunities on average, each and every month.

Conte para a gente quem é você e quem é seu público alvo

T-shirts are for our customers, has two types of customers: Professional voice over talent and the clients that post their voice over projects/jobs on our site. We would like to create two types of t-shirts, one for male and one for female. We are not a a new market, we have been around since 2003.

Our two target audience are voice talent and clients.

Find Voice Over Jobs
* The largest voice over community with over 107,220 people.
* Instant access to amazing opportunities.
* New job postings every day.

Find Voice Over Talents
* Connect with professional voice talents without expensive agency fees.
* Post your job free and see great results.
* Get proposals in less than an hour.



-Looking to fill a space of 14 x 15 inches.

-Min 2 colors, max 4 colors. We would like to keep the colors to 2-3 as the printing company charges based on colors used.

-Looking to create two t-shirts, one for male and one for female.

-Every design MUST have Logo and one tag.

-Incorporate tag lines somewhere in the t-shirt: (Either one)
"Be heard" or "We say it for you"

-Favorite attached file: (Feel free to use this one)

-Check out for inspiration. Feel free to use different logos or designs you find on the site. Colors:

Blue 1 : #1171BB
Blue 2: #54A7DD
Blue 3: #C3EDFF

Green 1: #69A52C
Green 2: #DBEAC4

Grey 1: #CCCCCC
Grey 2: #E6E6E6
Grey 3: #EFEFEF

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