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Site re-design for NookBay - multiple prizes up to $920!

Xylus precisava de um novo design de página da web e criou um concurso na 99designs.

2 vencedores foram selecionados entre 65 designs enviados por 16 designers freelancers.


Como Xylus começou a jornada do(a) design de página na web


Please see full description and follow all guidelines to be considered.

O que te inspira e como você imagina o design para seu negócio?

Accepted File Formats:
Please see description

NookBay, a play on eBay, was started in the beginning of 2006 as a website for enthusiasts of the game "Animal Crossing: Wild World" to auction and sell in-game items to each other using the in-game currency of bells. It has since grown to encompass many community elements including forums, chat, and a wiki for the three Animal Crossing games on the GameCube, DS, and Wii.

The look and feel of the site is stale as well as the back-end technology running the site. In preparation for the Wii release of Animal Crossing we are doing an entire site redesign as well as developing and deploying new technologies to run the back-end that will better integrate features.

Prizes & Requirements

Prize for Web Page Design (Un-coded):
Create a new design for the home page and several sub page designs.

The home page is going to be re-engineered to incorporate content from the different areas of the site, namely:
- News (which is driven off the forums)
- New & Popular forum threads
- New, popular, and ending auctions
- Articles, FAQs, & How Tos (driven off the Wiki)
- Who's online, who's in chat (links to people's profiles)Additionally the home page needs to be designed to include:
- a way to make donations
- room to include affiliate and partner sites
- text-link, banner, and textual advertising
- searchingAnd then there's the navigation with links to:
- Auctions
- Forums
- NookWiki
- Chat
- Rules
- Contact Us
- Register/Log In OR Profile/Log Out (depending on logged in status)Last a footer with links to:
- Copyright
- Terms & Conditions
- Etc.It is important that the navigation and content areas of the home page be flexible to accommodate changes in the future or just moving things around.

The inspiration for the design should be centered around #1 our newly redesigned logo and #2 your research on the game Animal Crossing and our competitor's sites.

Here's a link to our newly designed logo:
It's in jpg format and you can get an AI format logo from the link in the flash contest description below.

And here's the links to reference sites:
- Official Site:
- Official Site:
- Competitor:
- Competitor:
- Our Site: http://www.nookbay.comAdditionally we have purchased and own the Fink Heavy font which is the in-game font for the Animal Crossing logo. You may download it and use it for this project but you legally cannot use it or own it beyond the scope of this work. We also do not want it overused on the site design.

Here's the link to the font:

So, that's the basis for the home page design. Your design for the home page then needs to be extended for several sub pages. First we need a generic sub page that can be used for our own static and dynamic content that is not on the home page or from the other pieces of back-end software like the auction or wiki. An example would be our Terms & Conditions page. And then next is to extend the design for our other content areas:
- Forum (PHPBB)
- Auctions (PHP Pro Bid, will likely be changing)
- Wiki (MediaWiki, same as wikipedia)
- Chat (FlashChat)What we want to see is a separate layout for each of these areas that show how your look & feel would look when applied to these content areas. We will then be using your layouts to later skin these applications so the whole site matches in terms of theme and look & feel. The key here is to make a few tweaks so that these layouts all match the theme but are distinct in their own right. This is how you will win points with us and have a better chance at winning the contest. They also need to take into account the advertising elements mentioned above.

You will be expected to submit your winning contest entry in PhotoShop format. We want one PhotoShop file for each layout for the different areas of the site. We would also expect that the PhotoShop file contains clean layers, is well organized, and is high resolution since we will have to slice & dice it later.



Prize for Web Page Design (Coded):
The coded web page design is really not a whole new contest, but instead an extension of the un-coded contest. We are accepting entries from people without XHTML and CSS skills but we are also willing to pay extra for people who can produce a coded version of their layouts as well. First off you will still need to meet all the requirements of the un-coded entry, including the various layouts and the PhotoShop file. Then if you are qualified you can submit a coded version for the additional prize money. We know how to create an XHTML/CSS site ourselves and our paying for the convenience so our expectations and requirements are quite high.
- We are *only* looking for an XHTML/CSS layout, HTML w/ tables will not be accepted
- The CSS needs to be flexible and supportive of changing around the navigation and home page content areas
- Bonuses like CSS based navigation and sub-menus will be highly regarded
- Well named, organized, and clean div hierarchy and layout.
- Cross browser 

Prize for Flash Animation:
Earlier this year we had an amazing logo done for NookBay right here on SitePoint. We are providing an Adobe Illustrator version of this logo for you to create a flash animation to be used on our site instead of a plain image.

Here's the link:

You agree that by downloading this file that you do not have any ownership or license to use this file for anything other than this project. You must delete this file from your system after your work is completed

In the logo the text itself is quite small compared to the overall size of the logo so as a plain image it presents problems at the size it would appear on the website. Use your own creativity, but here's some ideas of what we'd like to see.
- When first loading the flash movie we'd like the text to be far larger so it is easy to read what it says. During this time the people and the items on the globe would either be obscured or temporarily transparent. The text should then decrease in size to reveal all the elements in the logo.
- The globe should be rotating the whole time with the elements on the globe rotating along with them.
- Effects such as shooting stars and effects on the rainbow
- There should be mouse-over effects such as a change in size when hovering, or whatever you can come up with that is distinctive and clever.
- The on-click should be setup to redirect back to the home page.The flash movie needs to be provided both to use in source format as well as an exported swf for the website.


Prize for Buttons & Icons
We would like vector drawn representations for several of the main characters from the Animal Crossing world that will be used as buttons and icons on the site. This is similar to what was done for our logo but was done then with generic in-game characters. Before any copyright or trademark questions come up we'd like to point out that we have previously addressed this issue with our attorney and as long as we are creating our own representations and not just using images then we are in the clear. Additionally we agree to release you of any liability as we are the ones liable for hosting it on our site. Lastly we agree to take anything infringing material off of our site if we are asked to do so by the trademark owner (Nintendo). If you are not comfortable you may opt not to participate. Now that we got that out of the way, so it wont be an issue later, please see the list of characters that you will have to create a vector representation for to win this prize:
- entries must be submitted in Adobe Illustrator format. Raster formats and other file types will not be accepted. Sorry, but if you don't have Illustrator you cannot participate in this part of the contest.


Feedback, Payment, Etc.
So that's the contest. We'd like to address some housekeeping issues before we finish the brief.
- We will be providing constant feedback. You should have feedback on your submission within 24 hours.
- Expect a lot of feedback on how to tweak your submission. If you get this kind of feedback it is because we like your submission and are telling you what we need to pick you as the winner.
- If you have a clarification question that is pertinent to everyone in the contest please ask in the main thread. If not please send private messages only.
- We have provided a very detailed brief, if you cannot meet requirements or did not read it all the way through then your submission will be disregarded.
- Please do not try and hijack the contest if you can't submit the proper file format or have some other problem, etc. Sorry, but these are our requirements and it costs a lot of money to host these contests on SitePoint.
- We have listed a few payment methods but we will pay you in any reasonable fashion that you need.
- We have had several successful contests and marketplace transactions on SitePoint. We look forward to what everyone has to contribute. 

Good Luck!




















This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Web Page Design
- Buttons & Icons
- Flash Animation
- Web Page Design (Coded)

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