Pressbar Juices
OPC grape seed extract label
Premium Dates Packaging
Loyalty Card Packaging
EMG ONE packaging
modern black
turkish coffee
Minimalist and clean packagign
space saver bags packaging
Cosmetic Label for First Carbonated Anti-Aging Face Mask
stainless steel card holder


Graphics and Creative design is our passion. We'll be very glad to meet any new clients.
Feel free to contact me anytime.
I'm looking forward to the 1-to-1 projects.
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"I received a good looking design, followed with quick changes when was needed. Happy to work with Mizazney. It's not the first project with him and works is always good!"
Cliente anônimo
"Great work!!!! As always he does deliver on time and in great style! "
Cliente anônimo
"Work done and finished."
Cliente anônimo
"As always....the one and only designer we take!"
Cliente anônimo
"Did everything that was requested and the job was done. "
Cliente anônimo
"Great work!! Nothing has ever gone wrong! "
Cliente anônimo
"The box design that I received is beautiful! I am very happy with the work completed. Mizazney has been a great guy to work with. He is very diligent to get the job done til satisfaction. Easy to work with. Good communication. Respectful. Even in times ..."
Foto do perfilethanjs
"Just great to work with him!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Probably the 6th or 7th Project and not the last! Great work and so simple to work with!"
Cliente anônimo
"Great work as always!"
Foto do perfilchristopher.sielmann
"Greaat work Mizazney!!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Great work - and all within a single day!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Not sure how many projects we have done with him - but we will only choose Mizazney! He understands his profession and delivered amazing quality"
Cliente anônimo
"It was a pleasure working with Mizazney on my third project. Highly recommend Mizazney!"
Foto do perfilLuxe123
"Excellent work, good communication and follow up "
Foto do perfilasad.qta
"Designer with bravado and skills to match. Mizazney’s work stood out immediately. The design was sharp & clean. It had a distinct appeal with vibrant colors & symmetry. It is a pleasure working with Mizazney. "
Cliente anônimo
"It was a pleasure working with Mizazney. Very professional and prompt, I highly recommend him for all kinds of design work. Have done multiple jobs and all have come out perfect. "
Cliente anônimo
"It was a pleasure working with Mizazney. Very professional and prompt, highly recommended for all kinds of design work. Have done multiple jobs and all have come out perfect. "
Foto do perfilLuxe123
"This has been the 3rd Project with Mizazney - and we will keep on working with him. Easy to talk to - quick and great when it comes to the design and communication! He has great Ideas and he is not fussy when you ask for more reviews. He is does everyth..."
Cliente anônimo
"We have been working with Mizazney for a few weeks now and have moved all our designs to him! He has done and is doing an excellent job on all his designs for us! "
Cliente anônimo
"I had a wonderful experience working with Mizazney. He did an amazing job and addressed every request as I envisioned. So happy with my new package insert! "
Cliente anônimo
"my design is like i want to have it. He made the point very well."
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"Great Design and easy to work with! "
Cliente anônimo
"It's great to work with Mizazney. Follow your brief carefully and really put effort onto making design. Also fast and easy to communicate."
Foto do perfilkhai.doan
"Great designer, responsive to feedback. Very satisfied with the final product."
Foto do perfilbraxtonluke
"very good work! "
Foto do perfilnizi.gmbh
"Excellent work !"
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