99designs Launches Two New Products Created For Corporate Clients

99designs “Studio” and “Select” enable brands and marketers using the platform to leverage remote creative talent and boost in-house teams 
15 jul 2020
Having facilitated more than one million creative projects to date, global creative platform 99designs has launched two new services to help brands and marketers access and collaborate with remote freelance talent. 

99designs Select gives clients on-demand access to a dedicated group of freelance creators who are curated around their brand’s specific day-to-day design needs; while 99designs Studio offers access to creative ideation and brainstorming on a global scale, as well as full-service management for larger scale projects and visual campaigns at a fixed price. 

In-house creative teams around the world are facing new challenges. They are producing a wider variety of content across more channels than ever before – often with smaller budgets and leaner resources. This new suite of services from 99designs will help marketers and creative teams meet these challenges. Brands can build flexible, remote extensions of existing teams through Select, or tap into state-of-the-art ideation processes and fresh global perspectives through Studio.  

“The creative industries have always been fueled by freelance talent: fresh perspectives and flexibility are integral to creative projects and teams around the world”, said 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn. “With the wider economy adapting rapidly to remote work on a global scale, more organizations are evolving and collaborating in ways they never thought possible.”  

“Connecting with the right person, with the right skills, and at exactly the right moment – no matter where they are in the world – is really where the magic happens. We have facilitated more than a million creative connections and relationships on our platform over the past twelve years, and as the world becomes accustomed to new ways of working, 99designs Studio and Select will make that process even better for brands and marketers everywhere.” 

Businesses can choose from two new services:

99designs Select 

99designs Select offers clients access to a curated group of remote freelancers who are trained on the client’s brand guidelines, and are on call to execute day-to-day design tasks such as presentation decks, email banners, flyers, landing pages, white papers, ads, and more. For a one-off onboarding fee of US $2,500 99designs Select clients will receive the following:

●  A hand-selected group of up to five freelance designers, pre-briefed and fully trained on your brand standards by the 99designs team
●  Centralized access to these designers via 99designs’ intuitive design and collaboration tools
●  US $500 credit towards your first creative project
●  Platform training for internal teams
●  Access to ongoing, on-demand support from a dedicated 99designs project manager for US $100/hour
● Ongoing work billed on a project-by-project basis (costs ranging from US $199-$2000 depending upon scope)

99designs Studio

Targeted at clients needing to get larger creative campaigns off the ground in as little as two weeks, 99designs Studio offers full-service ideation, refinement and delivery of larger visual projects for a fixed price. The typical 99designs Studio package costs US $4,999 and includes:

●  End-to-end project delivery from experienced creative directors or brand strategists
●  Unparalleled access to global ideation and creativity, as well as diverse international perspectives from the 99designs community  
●  Five initial creative concepts; with two concepts fully fleshed out (includes two rounds of feedback and amendments)
●  The project cost covers all payments to designers as well as platform fees, NDAs and copyright transfer

About 99designs  

99designs is the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love. Founded in 2008, 99designs has grown from a small, online forum into a worldwide community of talented designers that is now the go-to solution for businesses, agencies and individuals. 99designs has paid out more than US $300m to its creative community to date. With headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, 99designs also has offices in Oakland, California and Berlin, Germany. 

For more information please contact pr@99designs.com