Label design for Norwegian craft distillery
Pouch package for 4 series of Korean-herb decoction extracts
Packaging and logo design for Kuno
Multimalt Beverage Can Design
Monarch Wild Rice packaging
Kids Complete Daily
Minimalistic tea product packaging design
OxyShred Energy
Packaging design for a sustainable brand
Vegan Protein Shake Standup Pouch Design - Clear Instructions
 Stand Up Pouch Tily Tea
Packaging design for VivalaBio


"Amazing work as always!!! "
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"Great work. Fast communicator and professional. "
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"We get so many compliments on the packaging and branding Blukki designed for us. I'll be using them in the future to expand our product line and work on brand development in the future. The brand guidelines and logo suite make it really easy to set up t..."
Cliente anônimo avaliado há aproximadamente 1 mês
"If you are looking for a "cookie cutter" version of designs that everyone else is using, go with Blukki. If your project requires any creativity, I would recommend a different designer. The first time my team worked with blukki, we knew exactly "to a t"..."
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"I'm really sorry to read this... But I have to comment on it publicly. It was really the second project with this client. In the process of this project, difficulties really occurred, after the first uploaded versions, the client wrote that he was not sure about the choice of direction that he indicated in the brief and asked for additional versions in a new style / direction which he indicated. I agreed and uploaded several versions in a new style. The client wrote that he liked them, but also asked to make 2 more new test directions (to make sure of the choice) and I went to meet him again and agreed to do it since we had previously worked together. After the client received this, he informed me, this is his quote - "Okay I hate to do this to you but we just consulted with a marketing professional and have decided on going the original direction you had provided. This is the design we are choosing. I apologize for the confusion but I think what you created originally was spot on in the direction that we should go. Thank you". In the process of making changes to the selected design, the client informs me that he wants to get a new additional direction again, I suggest that he pay me extra for this work if he really wants it, since it goes beyond the scope of this project (I remind you that this is already 4 new additional directions that the client requested for free), but he refused and we continued to work on the previously selected version of the design. The last message I received from a client before he disappeared for a month was - "really like this! sorry for the delay!". After 2 weeks of his absence, I wrote to him and asked for news for me, he logged on to the platform but did not write anything to me. After another 2 weeks, I informed him of the deadline on which I would complete the project if he did not contact me. He came back and wrote that suddenly everything was bad, I was a bad designer, etc and asked to complete the project and said that he would leave a review that would reflect my work on the project... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
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"Amazing as always!"
Cliente anônimo avaliado há aproximadamente 2 meses