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Lombok Illustrator & X3 Lover, Dorarpol - " a talented award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. produced graphical work for international organizations such as The Family International and Pinkitude (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios) – Famous for its well loved character the Pink Panther. Some awards include “Best Graphic 2009” from designfirms.org.

Membro desde: 31 de julho de 2010


"Amazing designer!"
Cliente anônimo
"Always great to work with Dorarpol. Great talent and dependable!"
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing work. The best designer to work with for any project."
Cliente anônimo
"The best designer to work with. You will not be disappointed!"
Foto do perfilLespalmernyc
"I really enjoyed working with you, I hope we can work together in the future! Thank you!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Really great to work with. Very talented!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Always a pleasure working with this talented creative!"
Cliente anônimo
"Always an amazing job! My goto designer!! "
Foto do perfilLance Patrick
"My goto designer I have used time and time again!! Incredible work!! "
Foto do perfilLance Patrick
"très bon travail et réactif. "
Cliente anônimo
"What an incredibly talented artist. We set up the most expensive logo and character tournament but submissions were not what we wanted. I liked some of Dorarpos design so invited him. We liked his design right away so eventually went to a one on one wit..."
Cliente anônimo
"Insane talent! Always exceeds expectations! Can't wait to work on the next project! "
Cliente anônimo
"Doralol is the best designer on 99 designs."
Cliente anônimo
"Thanks so much bro. As usual great work comes from great designer"
Cliente anônimo
"Talented designer!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Talented designer!"
Cliente anônimo
"Dorapol is the man. An absolute legend."
Cliente anônimo
"Dorapol is the best designer on 99 Designs. Period. They should have a photo of him on the home page and a statue of him at the 99 Designs headquarters. You don't get any better than this guy."
Cliente anônimo
"I loved his creativity, willingness to go above and beyond. Very wonderful to work with. And will be going through him again in future projects in a 1-1. "
Cliente anônimo
"There is nobody better on 99 designs. Dorapol is the best. If he were a football player, I would own a Dorapol jersey. This guy is the BEST."
Cliente anônimo
"Absolutely amazing designer. I want to get a statue of Dorapol and put it up in my office because the guy is freaking unbelievable."
Cliente anônimo
Cliente anônimo
"he best in the game"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Dorapol is the absolute best. He always does an amazing job."
Cliente anônimo
"Great work as usual. Thank you."
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing work! The designer always goes above and beyond."
Cliente anônimo
"Knocked it out of the park! Amazing. Will most definitely use again for future projects! "
Cliente anônimo
"Very talented artist with great communication skills"
Foto do perfilrodw2
"Work exceeded expectations. Very talented and great communication."
Foto do perfilrodw2
"Unique design and great to work with"
Foto do perfilnataliL
"Nailed it. Absolutely knocked it out of the park! "
Cliente anônimo
"DORARPOL has made it again. This is the second time we´re working together, such a talent!"
Foto do perfilJimmit
"This was a great experience. I can't wait for the next project. Great inspiring designers. So many great designs to choose from. I appreciate every designer who participated. You were awesome throughout the process. My team and I are really happy with t..."
Foto do perfilmorganDk
"The design work was stellar and we couldn't be happier! We will be doing a lot of business together."
Foto do perfilrkeefer01
"Dorapol is the absolute best."
Cliente anônimo
"As usual, nothing new,. Everytime I get what I want. Really great designer. "
Cliente anônimo
"Wow as usual no comment, one of the most wanted designer. 😁😅"
Cliente anônimo
"The best there is on 99 Designs. Period."
Cliente anônimo
"Awesome designer! The best to work with on all projects."
Cliente anônimo
"Great designer who always gets the job done. Amazing work!"
Cliente anônimo
"Excellent work, professionalism."
Foto do perfilcontact0H4
"Dorapol is the best there is."
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing work! This designer is a rockstar."
Cliente anônimo
"Great job champ"
Cliente anônimo
"the best there is. He gets it done. "
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing work! Amazing direction! Would 100% use again! "
Foto do perfilLance Patrick
"Wonderful design as always! DORARPOL™ is our go-to illustrator."
Cliente anônimo
"As usual you are the best designer in 99 designs . Thanks so much bro. "
Cliente anônimo
"Great job as always. Illustrations were exactly what we needed!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Beautiful work - as always. One of the best on 99."
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Great character design as always. Thanks!!!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"A great character/mascot design as always! PERFECT!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Excellent illustration as always - EXACTY what we wanted."
Foto do perfilKelly910768
Cliente anônimo
"The best there is!"
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Excellent design work!!"
Foto do perfilBeeZed
"Awesome job as usual."
Cliente anônimo
"Simply the Best."
Cliente anônimo
"The best designer I have ever worked with!!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing Artist."
Cliente anônimo
"Great job. First class Work."
Cliente anônimo
"Once again, DORARPOL nails it! We needed a quick turn-around on a character illustration, and the final result was just AMAZING! As always with DORARPOL – FAST response, GREAT communication and VERY responsive to feedback and changes. I keep saying this..."
Foto do perfilKelly910768
"Great illustrator, very responsive and very fast turnaround. DORARPOL is our go-to illustrator for cartoons/characters/mascots - and many other illustrations and designs. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
Cliente anônimo
"Absolutely incredible designer. The best I've ever worked with. Will hire over and over again."
Cliente anônimo
"A pleasure to work with and does GREAT work."
Cliente anônimo
"Awesome job. DORARPOL is the BEST"
Cliente anônimo
"By far better than any of the others. Understood the concept from the beginning. No one came close. easy decision."
Cliente anônimo
"Awesome Job. Extremely talented."
Cliente anônimo
"As usual great design from great designer. Thanks so much bro. "
Cliente anônimo
"Very creative and easy to work with."
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing designer that listens to direction and gets it done. Consistent great work!!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Brilliant Designer, very fast sketches and changes. Great talent and a very nice result. Thank you very much."
Cliente anônimo
"My design was a challenging one because it had a lot of elements to include. Hendra/DORAPOL was able to take my brief into reality quickly, and accurately. The attention to detail, kind and patient responses to changes - would definitely consider workin..."
Foto do perfilsrsvideography
"Loved the design, work was good, small miscommunication"
Cliente anônimo
"Dorarpol, was great to work with, the design was strong out of the gate and blew away the competition. Response time was quick, and the artistic vision & execution really served me well. If you are lucky enough to work with Dorarpol, you will not be dis..."
Foto do perfilstillwater321
"OUTSTANDING designer. First class service. A*****"
Cliente anônimo
"Amazing work and an amazing designer very attentive and very patient will definitely 100% use again actually hoping they enter my next contest starting now for Foodtruck Wrap."
Foto do perfilMlnatiu
"DORARPOL is an excellent designer, with a keen eye for detail. I'd loved working with him, and he was very quick to respond to any and all requests. He was truly interested in our contest and truly cared about the work he was giving us. I would recommen..."
Foto do perfilJake @Canadawide
"Wow wow wow , I can't say any thing about this great designer . I'll say only , thanks so much for this amazing logo . Omar Bravo "
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"This was the best experience that I've had with any artist. A very talented professional that's extremely responsive. "
Foto do perfilJoelQZ
"Did deliver over my expectations about getting a logo that felt happy, social and that the app is location based. Easy to work with, did everything as I wished for, and delivered a truly unique logo. More than satisfied!"
Foto do perfilJimmit
"Amazing designer and amazing work. Completes every project on time and goes above and beyond. I will work with this designer again and again!"
Cliente anônimo
"Great communication and ability to come up with creative designs and professionalism are just few benefits working with DORARPOL. Highly recommended "
Cliente anônimo
"DORARPOL™ is an amazing logo designer and illustrator. He was quick and to the point. I recommend him for your future designs."
Foto do perfilyossihB
"Excellent work, quick to respond, a true professional."
Foto do perfilManoftechnology101
"Great Job! Designer always does great work!!!"
Cliente anônimo
"Great work as usually. I will hire this designer in the future!"
Cliente anônimo
"Designer did an outstanding job creating our design, listening to our feedback and making modifications in efficient manner. Thank you! "
Foto do perfilscott.nelsonX
"It was really great experience to work with an international designer like Mr. Dorarpol , I'm sure one day he will be one of the best designers in the world "
Foto do perfilahmed.jadouh
"Wow, as usual I can't say anything about this great designer. Always he gives me what I want . Thanks so much."
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"An amazing experience (as always)!! Such a pro. Will work with him again and again."
Foto do perfiljaycenwise
"Great to work with!"
Foto do perfilRustym
"I couldn't be any happier with my logo, dorarpol did an awesome job, making exactly what i wanted. He is a great designer with amazing talent at drawing and makes exactly what the customers wants. he takes into account every feedbacks with professionali..."
Foto do perfilhymotepp
"Wow Wow Wow, I can't talk or describe my experience with MR.DORARPOL really good job thanks so much for what have U done for our company . see U soon in other project . "
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"Wow, as usual every time I work with this great designer I get what I want . thanks so much for this great design . Omar bravo"
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"He is the best Designer I have worked with so far. He made all the changes that I wanted and he was highly motivated to work on this project. Amazing Designer who made me an outstanding Logo. Thanks Dorarpol!!! Check my Logo (I wanted a sitting animated..."
Foto do perfilashuftah
"Loved it, Dorarpol is an amazing person to work with and his final result was astonishing! Certainly a great experience with a professional user."
Foto do perfiltudorshen77
"This guy is the best, I like his art style so much. Incredible attention to details and colors. I would recommend him for anyone who wants to make a logo or an illustration."
Foto do perfilbomajed
"Dorarpol has been outstanding to work with. From the start of the competition he would take on board the feedback given and modify the design so quickly. This was my first ever competition and logo design and Dorarpol happily helped me throughout the en..."
Foto do perfilzac_white
"As always, Hendra is amazing and one of the most gifted designers/illustrators I have ever come across. Even from the other side of the planet, he is the only one that can read my mind just by messages on 99designs and does a breathtaking job on the eve..."
Foto do perfilorenkarayoff
"the job was great , i really excited and looking forward to working with the designer in the future for our projects and he hit everything on the head and was very detail and precise in what our brand was looking for great job "
Foto do perfilicedreamclothes
"I enjoyed working with Dorarpol, who did a great design and adapted the drafts to my needs and suggestions in an excellent way. The logo nicely conveys the message and makes me smile."
Foto do perfilines.thiele
"What a wonderful experience!! Open to my ideas.... quick..... super-talented. Will definitely work with again! "
Foto do perfiljaycenwise
"Really Wow, this is what I looking for. Thanks so much for great logo. "
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"I am extremely pleased with the work that DORARPOL™ provided. He was great to work with as he always communicated with me and offered his opinion. I enjoyed the collaboration we had and he was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was happy..."
Foto do perfilOssular
"This is second time we used this designer and he did it again... From 1st sketch to final design in few steps and quality of work is out of this world... will use him again 100%. Go ahead work with this designer 1 on 1 save yourself lots of time... you ..."
Cliente anônimo
"Hard working and very creative with unbelievable talent. Does not need a lot of guidance to finish the project also he will give you some great ideas to make final work just perfect... thank you and will work with him again."
Cliente anônimo
"thanks so much for this gread job"
Foto do perfilomarbravohh
"5 stars all the way. If you give an accurate description he will bring your idea to life. And quickly too, not long waiting for revisions. Would work with again!"
Foto do perfilSales221
"Let me start with a brief background, Im a RISD grad (Class of 87) BFA, BID. Currently VP of Product Development for a pretty successful company. Im CEO of IG Design Solutions and Co Founder of tech company, Zelus Inc. With that being said, Ive worked w..."
Foto do perfilian k6
"Best designer I ever worked with! Follows direction and will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is a success. I have used this designer for several projects and will work with him again in the future."
Cliente anônimo
"Thanks so much, really good experience with MR . DORARPOL .He is a great designer, he read my thoughts . And I get what I want . Thanks. "
Foto do perfiltaibah55155
"Wow, thanks so much for this great design ."
Foto do perfilCountry Rooster 3ps
"Thanks so much appreciate what you had done. "
Foto do perfilCountry Rooster 3ps
"wow great job thanks so much ."
Foto do perfilCountry Rooster 3ps
"Thanks to you so much. "
Cliente anônimo
"DORARPOL was great to work with. He was professional, open to feedback and captured the concept I imagined for my logo perfectly. I highly recommend him to other users. "
Cliente anônimo
"thank you so much for doing everything i want . perfict logo wow ."
Cliente anônimo
"we are so happy to work with this great designer . he gave us what we want . thanks to him so much ."
Foto do perfilCountry Rooster 3ps
"wow great job , I had wat I want thanks so much . "
Foto do perfilCountry Rooster 3ps
"Wow it's a good time and experience to deal with this great designer .and I get what I want exactly. Big thanks to him. "
Cliente anônimo
"SO GOOD ! Very creative and very good with visual design ... Highly recommend!"
Foto do perfilJ. Sesso
"One of the most talented designers i have worked with! Exquisite talent and eye for detail!"
Cliente anônimo
"I have worked with other designers on 99designs but Dorarpol is one of the most talented designers I have worked with on 99designs. Talent is not always accompanied with attention to detail and listening to end user requirements but in this case Dorarpo..."
Cliente anônimo
"Hendra is one of the best designer we ever met. He has a very accurate and good hand with a lot of talent. He understood immediately our style and made us an amazing logo. He was very patiante and polite throughout our project. We can absolutely recomme..."
Foto do perfilgaia4u01
"Top Star Artist, Hard worker , prompt reply. Pleasure working with him. Well done !"
Foto do perfilAslankhanllc
"This was the best experience I have EVER had with any kind of artist. Be it tattoo, logo design or whatever. I have never had anyone as able to make my thoughts into reality as well as deDORARPOL has done. Very professional, incredibly responsive and qu..."
Foto do perfileustrong
"Wow! You are incredible! The designs you made were exactly what I was looking for. Not only were your designs amazing, I really enjoyed working with you! I plan to do more projects with you in the future! -Rebecca"
Foto do perfilrebecca DV
"it has been a pleasure working with deDORARPOL. Very good at following direction and design work is excellent!!!"
Foto do perfilTcdmatt
"Hendra did a great job and was very responsive. I would definitely use him again. "
Foto do perfilerikdesigner
"Hendra was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is a talented artist, responds really well to feedback, and comes back with new designs fast. He also has a great sense of humor and made the whole thing a fun process. I would work with Hendra again with..."
Cliente anônimo
"Great job! Quick response times and excellent work. Thanks for the new logo!"
Foto do perfilJustmi1011
"Great designer & creative mind. Very tentative to detail & a pleasure to work with. No issues with changes or alternative ideas. I will most certainly be working with DORARPOL* in the future :)"
Cliente anônimo
"DORARPOL is one of the best artists that I've seen on 99designs and brings incredible quality and creativity to any competition."
Foto do perfilAndrew Garrison
"Great designs were created for us! The designer understood the design brief and delivered everything we were looking for and in a short period of time. In addition, the designer has excellent sketching abilities, is extremely professional, and was able ..."
Foto do perfilLespalmernyc
"I invited DORARPOL at first when i found her stunning designs ,,, she had a unique style and amazing logos! ... and I am really happy that I did!! the logo stands out to everything I wanted in a logo , colors and everything else ... it's unique and spec..."
Foto do perfilneshooqi
"It was a real pleasure to work with Hendra! Great designer! Good listener, responsive, with patience. Highly recommended!!!! Good job Hendra..."
Foto do perfilmotorious
"Great design for our project - we are very happy!"
Foto do perfilpunchstick
"Great and very fast Designer!"
Cliente anônimo
"Working with DORARPOL was an amazing journey. Because of his recent work I invited him to join my competition. Not knowin that he would deliver an amazing concept sketch. Right from the bet I knew that he would be delivering an winning concept. If you w..."
Foto do perfiljonathan O
"Amazing designer who is very talented! An absolute pleasure to work with! A+++++"
Foto do perfilliadeys
"This guy is AWESOME!!! he joined the contest LATE and knocked it out the park in a very short time.. even though he was leading the pack on the contest poll, he still went above and beyond to make sure i was pleased with the final product.. if i need a..."
Foto do perfilILLFLIX
"We are so thrilled with our logo, and Dorapol has been AMAZING to work with. He is massively talented and has been patient with us every step of the way. Thanks to his skills and hard work, our logo has exceeded our initial expectations and we are now..."
Foto do perfilSeattleGC
"What an incredible designer - one of the very BEST on 99!"
Foto do perfilBIOAGE
"I am very proud for my logo and my designer DORAPOL * .just perfect !!!this work is for 10stars .thank 99designs and of course DORAPOL * .MOTOSPY.GR COOMING SOON ...."
Foto do perfilmotospy
"Hendra is a "Rock Star" of a designer, he is very talented and we are very pleased with his design. Thanks Hendra!"
Foto do perfilKHB
"Great to work with! Couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thanks!"
Foto do perfilJustmi1011
"DORARPOL* made 19 revisions of our logo, spanning three completely different styles. His work began with a detailed illustration, from which he adapted his work into multiple different styles to suit our interests. We received a great logo from him that..."
Foto do perfilWayne3041
"Sorry for this late testimonial !!!! but Dorarpol made a great job, always available to discuss the project. great experience. I will definitely ask him to make some other jobs Regards"
Foto do perfilErwann.pichard
"I am very excited with the design that deDORARPOL developed. The competition was terrific. deDORARPOL was a pleasure to work with and took direction well. I'm sure I'll work with him again. -Andrew"
Foto do perfilKingAndrew
"DORARPOL is a "world-class designer" - one of the best in the world, perhaps the best! We were looking for a logo that was modern, design orientated and that also conveyed the Robot we supply. It was a pleasure to work with DORARPOL. He used the brief i..."
Foto do perfilLth
"Dorarpol is an excellent designer. He is incredibly gifted. He stands out for extremely different designs and creative direction. I would be happy to work with him in the future. Thanks again for the great work. We hope that this logo will be seen worl..."
Cliente anônimo
"Hendra is an incredible illustrator & designer. I saw the process as he drew the design free hand, then took it digital. He works fast and according to the brief. We'd definately work with him again on future projects."
Foto do perfilWynd
"Hendra is amazing! I have never been able to communicate with a designer with such ease, he understood me immediately and began working incredibly fast. The work was so professional and I was able to put my logo to use immediately! Out of over 230 sub..."
Foto do perfilorenkarayoff
"Hendra is a great designer - definitely has amazing skills and talent, was very responsive and helpful throughout the contest. Would definitely work with him again in the future :). We can't wait to use the logo he's designed for us!"
Foto do perfilcarolineS99
"Dorarpol is talented, skilled, hardworking designer. He was quick to respond to my change requests, infinitely patient and cheerful and he worked though as many iterations of my design (dozens) as was necessary to give me want I wanted. All cheerfully a..."
Foto do perfilkman999
"Great designer, sorry for my late reply. I am contacting you on skype, can't find you online always. How can i contact you for other project, thanks."
Foto do perfil5111395
"Dorarpol was very creative and stood out in excellent fashion from the rest of the contestants. Most importantly, he was quick to change and adapt to our design needs. Congratulations!! "
Foto do perfilJeff.tembo
"An outstanding designer a real machine working around the clock with creative ideas and so much energy. He is quick to submit improvements and never fails to amaze you with new ideas. It has been a real pleasure to work with and I can fully recommend. "
Foto do perfilVictoria Shatmani
"Hendra's talent brought my vision to life. I provided him with a sketch & he added a WOW factor that I couldn't have imagined. Hendra's a very patient person. He gave me unlimited access to his vast talent. Every concept I threw at him he brought to lif..."
Cliente anônimo
"A great listener and designer. He handled every single requests we had and we are very happy with the final version of the logo. Great work, great talent!"
Foto do perfilRsss
"DorarpolHendra is a fantastic designer here at 99designs. He's fast, efficient, diligent, and best of all, extremely detail-oriented! I absolutely love what he gave me!"
Cliente anônimo
"This designer was never satisfied until I was satisfied. The designer maintained communication consistently throughout the process and made changes according to my desires. I feel fortunate to have met a designer with such skill and professionalism."
Foto do perfiltheCFFsite_joe
"Hendra has created a design beyond my expectations . He is polite and responsive to changes . A very capable and talented designer . I will not hesitate to work with him again . THANK YOU HENDRA ...."
Foto do perfilJamalkhan.aak
"The moment I saw DorarpolHendra's initial design, I knew right away he was most likely going to be the winner. There were 43 other designers and none of them came close to his work. I am probably one of the more difficult customers to work for becaus..."
Foto do perfilMatt Tripp
"Hendra absolutely blew the competition away and never settled for less than perfect. He was always available and waited patiently by his computer for your feedback and criticism. He stood out from all the other designers and we are glad we have a found ..."
Foto do perfilTPerez20
"It was extremely easy to work with this designer. He made sure I was part of every step of the design project and made quick and correct changes when asked. His designs are brilliant and I would certainly use him again in the future. "
Foto do perfilCameron.bryant
"It was really nice to work with DorarpolHendra. He fulfilled every of our requests, even if we didn't know exactly, where we want to go with this design. Thanks for your patience btw. :) Besides being a great designer, he was very responsive, polite and..."
Foto do perfilNetflower
"Hendra surprised me with this award winning entry! He never gave up, he kept submitting and refining designs until I was 100% satisfied! Versatile, Fast, Creative, Intuitive...99 designs is very fortunate to have this caliber of designer, Brilliant!!!!!!!!"
Foto do perfilSeannshaffervoiceguy
"I was blown away by Hendra's work. I was expecting to have to wade through a whole lot of entries but, lo and behold, the very first designs Hendra submitted were exactly what I wanted, so much so that I cut the contest short and awarded him as the winn..."
Foto do perfilDarrenvenn
"Only a few designers could keep up with Hendra and it was clear that from the beginning Hendra's designs were creative and spot on. He's a great designer, highly recommended. This guy clearly seeks perfection, and will not settle for less. I'm verry ha..."
Foto do perfilBreakout
"Hendra did a great job for us. From the beginning he completely understood our brief and each new entries were better and better. He was quick to react and provide new versions. The whole communication was very smooth and he totally deserved winning our..."
Cliente anônimo
"Great designer, will not give up until the design is to your specification! "
Foto do perfilttg2
"DorarpolHendra is one of the best graphic designers we have ever worked with, he is fast to make changes and the quality of his work is world class..........Thank you Dorarpol for you fantastic work. We will see you next time we need some art work done..."
Foto do perfilAngry Koala
"Hendra is an amazing artist and true master of his craft. He not only listened to our requests but took the time to understand why we were asking them so that he could execute with precision. Hendra was fast, accurate and provided additional concepts on..."
Cliente anônimo
"Phenomenal graphic designer, he made several dozen revisions and adjustments for me to help figure out a final logo. He went above and beyond and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend! "
Cliente anônimo
"Great artwork!!! Fast response. AAA+++"
Foto do perfilJason J. LIN
"Hendra was very professional during the whole contest and his work an this service is excellent! Mahalo!"
Foto do perfilVance
"DorarpolHendra showed both stand-out creativity and professionalism to win our logo design contest. He was always responsive to our feedback, and made the effort to ensure we got exactly what we needed in terms of variations and assets. Our brief was n..."
Cliente anônimo
"DorarpolHendra's designs are extremely creative and original. He was very responsive to the feedback that I provided; making modifications with a quick turnaround. I look forward to working with him again."
Foto do perfilTramaine Gillus
Foto do perfilJason J. LIN
"DorarpolHendra is an extremely talented graphic artist and I was very lucky that he contributed to my contest. Not only is he talented, but he was also very fast and responsive to his designs. I highly recommend this artist."
Foto do perfilAndrew Garrison
"Amazing artist. Great listening skills. Great interpersonal skills. You can't go wrong with this designer. A real pleasure to work with this professional. "
Foto do perfilSavoir
"Great work and would definitely recommend and be happy to work with again.He has incredible creativity, design flair and all round talent. In addition, he has excellent customer service skills - he'll respond quickly and is brilliant at understanding an..."
Foto do perfilWilby099
"Loved working with Hendra. His designs truly stood out from the other entries in originality, quality and detail. Response times and willingness to accommodate all our requests were amazing. Would highly recommend this designer and will certainly be ..."
Foto do perfilTeamPersica
"Dorarpol Hendra is a real talent understands the brief and puts his creative edge of things that make you say wow that is awesome! Been a pleasure to work with and i will continue to work with him for my future projects."
Foto do perfilJokko.games
"Hendra quickly rose to the top of the pack of designers working on my logo. He responded quickly to my feedback, provided a flood of variations and treatments, and is a real pro. Highly recommended."
Cliente anônimo
"Dorarpol was an excellent designer to work with. He has a great eye for design, was able to match exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely will be using this designer again in the future."
Cliente anônimo
"DorarpolHendra took our original design and improved it far beyond our expectations! He really added a charm, creativity and skill to the design. We needed a logo and a mascot and he provided us with a wonderful character that we hope to use for many ye..."
Foto do perfilMkassing
"This designer did excellent work. He responded quickly to my changes and was very easy to communicate with. I would work with this designer again any day! Great artist!"
Foto do perfilDday1286
"Dorarpol was great to work with. He listened carefully to what I wanted and responded well to all the feedback. He was also not afraid to stick to his style and make strong artistic decisions. Especially if you're looking for an app icon designed, take..."
Foto do perfilIanlwang
"Just wrapped up logo design competition between 25 designers submitting 190 designs (or variations of designs). Hendra won the competition after 7 days of day and night submissions. Hendra worked with me throughout, without missing a beat, and respond..."
Cliente anônimo
"I never thought I will find such an amazing designer and be provided with such an amazing logo. DorarpolHendra was very helpful and implemented all my feedback perfectly and immediately. I will happily work with him again. "
Cliente anônimo
"Great designer! He listens to feedback, and works very hard to make your ideas come to life! I cannot recommend his design skills enough!"
Foto do perfilAshl33t
"Love working with him again :)"
Foto do perfilMetron.io
"Very happy with the work that was done during this project! Excellent conceptualization of my design vision and designers execution. Was very open to adjustments and revisions as well as providing quick response to all feedback given. Would love to ..."
Foto do perfilblacksheepmedia
"Extremely easy to work with! HendraKurniawan provided us with a fast turn around, and clearly understand our requests and design goals. Would happily recommend this designer and look forward to working with him in the future!"
Foto do perfilCabana Coffee
"We love the logo created by Hendra Kurniawan. We asked for a bunch of changes and he made everything just the way we wanted it. Even after we awarded him the winner; he was happy to make changes and did them quickly. He also provided all of the file ..."
Foto do perfilSidney Bruce
"Very good designer, he is always ready to make changes quickly based on your feedback. Highly recommended!"
Foto do perfilJay SV
"Very customer service oriented. A pleasure to work with! "
Cliente anônimo
"Hendra was great to work with. He quickly iterated the designs based off feedback, and gave some great design ideas of his own. The design I chose was a variation he did on a design direction i gave. Very impressed by this designer."
Foto do perfilDaniel Chote
"Great design...everybody loves it!"
Foto do perfilBriwithers
"From the very first entry he submitted, it was obvious to us that HendraKurniawan "got it". He paid close attention to all of the detailed requirements in our brief and then added his own creative interpretation. The final result is an adorable mascot c..."
Cliente anônimo
"DorarpolHendra was always open to suggestions and extremely quick at coming up with new ideas and changes based on our feedback. I would highly recommend this designer for anyone looking for quality designs and a designer who's willing to work with you ..."
Foto do perfilthreeFiddy
"Dorarpol does the best work that I have seen on this site. He works very hard and is very easy to work with. He has many different great ideas. Whether you want a very simple logo, or something loud and complex, I've always been able to count on him for..."
Foto do perfilMarkwilliams04
"Dorarpol is an extremely talented designer. Not only does he come up with good ideas on his own, he takes his client's feedback into account. All the work he has done for us has been stellar. I can not speak highly enough of him."
Foto do perfilDmmevan