Kids Multivitamin Gummies
Microgreens Label
Apple Cider Vinegar Label
Crank Kitchen Brand Identity and Label
Bold Logo
Juice Bottle Design!
Kids Electrolyties Label Design
Juice label design
Vibrant coffee brand label
Label design with vibrant watercolor illustration
Vibrant coffee brand label


With over ten years of experience and a BCompSc degree, I deliver a blend of technical precision and creative finesse in design. Specializing in brand elevation, logo creation, and product packaging. Free consultations are available for one-on-one projects.
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"WOW! Great work!"
Foto do perfilchriTEL avaliado há 6 dias
"Thank you! Looking forward to our next project!"
Foto do perfilNick Visual Co. respondido há 6 dias atrás
"He did a very artistic and professional job of designing quotes for Instagram. Quick to respond to feedback too!"
Cliente anônimo avaliado há 11 dias
"Thank you! Glad to hear you liked the design."
Foto do perfilNick Visual Co. respondido há 11 dias atrás
"Our company has been working with Nick for years. He does excellent work, is professional, very responsive, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend."
Foto do perfilMary-ElleR avaliado há aproximadamente 2 meses
"Thanks Mary-Ellen! My pleasure also."
Foto do perfilNick Visual Co. respondido há aproximadamente 2 meses atrás
"Great work and follow up support"
Foto do perfilNicky.horman avaliado há 3 meses
"Nick was always friendly in communications, he listened and gave good feedback he was quick in turnaround changes. "
Foto do perfileschiavilmj avaliado há 3 meses