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Hi there! My name is Valentina and I'm a freelance artist based in Syracuse, Italy. I graduated in Architecture at the University of Catania and studied digital art at QUADRA Academy.
I'll be happy to show my creativity, talent and passion.

País: Itália. Membro desde: 30 de outubro de 2015


"I’ve worked with Valentina several times and she is wonderful. She works with us to get the designs exactly as needed and the results are great! "
Foto do perfilMoondrops avaliado há aproximadamente 1 mês
"thanks! <3"
Foto do perfilValentina Migliore respondido há aproximadamente 1 mês atrás
"Life long customer here! Best illustrator ever. A true artist :)"
Cliente anônimo avaliado há aproximadamente 2 meses
"thanks! <3 "
Foto do perfilValentina Migliore respondido há aproximadamente 2 meses atrás
"It was a pleasure to work with Valentina and she turned in some great work with some unique artistic twists of her own. It was a great collaboration and she was easy to work with as I was feeling out the direction for the final piece!"
Foto do perfilBarry Privett avaliado há 2 meses
"it was a pleasure <3 thanks!"
Foto do perfilValentina Migliore respondido há 2 meses atrás
"Valentina designed a breathtaking tarot card with character art! I can't wait to begin working on others in the series!"
Foto do perfilRachelle.palmer avaliado há 2 meses
"Great to work with! Very talented artist!"
Foto do perfilgiusti1s avaliado há 4 meses